My Inspiration To Build A Career In Engineering

As a female student, I have always received endless criticism on why I want to pursue a career in engineering. My response is that I want to use innovation and management to resolve societal challenges, improving environmental quality regardless of my gender. The range of applications of chemical engineering such as the development of sustainable fuels as a long-term answer to our energy problem motivates me to solve this never-ending issue. Through actively advocating engineering to a female audience, me and a group of girls make efforts in our school to get young girls interested in "male dominated" careers. As a Jack Petchey Award winner, I have always pushed myself to overcome any challenges. I have therefore participated in the Junior and Senior Maths Challenges, getting to solve unexpected real-life mathematical problems. The application of mathematics within both physics and chemistry is shown through quantitative modelling. Mathematical equations give consistency and predictability to phenomena.

For instance, the Planck constant has been proved by the use of mathematics to show the proportionality of photon to frequency of E. M radiation. The importance of mathematics within chemical engineering is a reason why I want to develop these abilities to solve problems. To gain more experience within engineering, I was able to secure a work experience placement at Firstco, an engineering company. This enabled me to observe the necessity of IT in engineering and develop my practical skills by handling data using Excel through learning formulas. I was able to sketch designs for the Heathrow Express project but also find ways to consider customer satisfaction. Furthermore, another aspect that particularly interests me is the study of thermodynamics which has intensified the importance of thermal energy, but also its significance as a governing law of the universe that declares that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, according to the first law of thermodynamics. These ideas intrigue me to look for a definitive answer of where this energy came from.

The weekly reading of ScienceNews broadened my knowledge on worldwide topics that lie within the production of oil: from the extraction of crude oil to the effects of it on the economy. What I found most fascinating was the separation of these hydrocarbons that only differ by size, but also have their own unique boiling point. These small changes can have such a significant impact on the property of the hydrocarbon, and it is a chemical engineer's job to manipulate these for a desired outcome. This leads to the creation of many useful products, each being profoundly essential to our everyday lives. Furthermore, I am also studying a MOOC on chemical products which I have gained substantial knowledge beyond my A Level courses. I have been able to not only perceive and observe how chemical reactions work, but also independently research about distinctive properties within these reactions.

Additionally, I have been able to develop my teamwork skills by participating in a Healthcare Science Programme at UCL, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Royal Free Hospital, learning about unfamiliar fields of science. I was introduced to biomedical engineering observing practical use of different machines and equipment in various sections of the hospitals. With the contribution of team mates, we were able to share ideas and research to present a poster on the structure of DNA. Lastly, I am delighted to work as a part-time tutor at Explore Learning and I have also volunteered as a maths ambassador in GCSE Maths lessons to help students express mathematical concepts. I have now the ability to handle difficult situations with sensitivity and cooperating it on daily basis. I feel that my strong interest and enthusiasm in the subject, as well as my developing skills, make me a worthwhile candidate. I hope you will consider me for your course.

29 July 2023
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