My Inspiration To Take A Course On Climate Change, Management & Finance

Climate change has received increasingly wider attention from scholars and practitioners in recent years. It does not only affect our day-to-day life, but has also been integrated into many relevant matters, such as ecosystem valuation, energy systems and policy. Climate finance is personally considered as a diverse concept. As far as I am aware, this represents the objective of reducing carbon emissions, reducing vulnerability of ecological systems, and minimising the negative impacts of climate change. At local, national and international level, the influences of climate change on economy and society require critical evaluation in order for sound decision-making. The role played by finance, reflected in the area of climate change, is primarily to enable low-carbon and climate-resilient economic development.

In this regard, MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance provided by the Imperial College London is selected with an aim to meet my aspiration for the complex knowledge in this specific realm. In more details to my motivation and ambitions, the learning experience at Cass Business School inspires me to make the above application decision. Specialised in Accounting and Finance, the undergraduate course provides me with a conceptual and practical knowledge with reference to the world of finance and fundamental accounting expertise. I have significantly grown my proficiency in major areas of accounting and finance at this top- ranked College. For example, Financial Markets centrally examined the determination of the prices of bonds and equities. I gained a deeper insight into core concepts of the subject, including market efficiency theory, money-market instruments, portfolio management and performance measurement and so forth. Continuing into the final year, I am genuinely enthused with Strategy for Business module, from which I have begun to comprehend the elements of business strategy in the process of formulation and implementation. When facing strategic issues, the ways of responding and adapting to change will produce a massive impact on the organisation. In addition, my analytical and reasoning skills were developed to identify the major problems of finance in the business context.

The curriculum of the current year is directly relevant to the far more progressive topics, including Advanced Econometrics and Forecasting, Audit and Assurance and Corporate Finance plus more. Embarking on this top-tier undergraduate course, my foundation of knowledge will be consolidated for the intended graduate study. My intention of studying MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance is reinforced after having browsed through the programme content. Taught by the academics from the triple accreditation Business School, the Imperial Master’s will be an ideal platform which nurtures my inquisitive mind in a free thinking environment. In this internationally excellent faculty, students attain interdisciplinary skills to solve pressing issues pertaining to climate change mitigation, sustainability and climate financing. In the most recent Business and Climate Leadership Forum, a number of pivotal issues of climate change that adversely influence the living environment, society and economy were addressed. All of these features further convince me of the top-rated educational quality of the course and the Business School. Through this unique academic programme, business competency will be of equal importance to the understanding in climate science and policy. Pre-study modules shall build a firm foundation for students via The Hub in order to supply an essential knowledge of the major specialist areas.

Into the Autumn term, Financial and Carbon Accounting and Reporting takes a closer look at the role of management accounting to deal with the strategic goals. The environmental impacts and carbon emissions will be quantified. In the Spring term, Clean Technology Investment also interests me greatly. On this subject, innovation is a key word, since the entire process from creating through to capturing values from technological innovations will be deeply explored. Without doubt, the education initiatives of the aforementioned MSc will lead to profound improvement for me by mastering of the world-leading resources. As a full-time student, I have been active in developing my professional calibre in the world of work. In the summer of 2017, I undertook an internship at the Private Banking Department, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Shanghai. Working in a team environment, I was chiefly responsible for the analysis of stock exchange market, and supplied advisory services to a high-end private banking client. Aside from this, I worked on a simulated investment project with peer colleagues. My individual contribution to the team result was a 7. 5% yearly profit which exceeded the general industry standard. The internship significantly fulfilled my personal vision with regard to the banking sector, and deepened my working knowledge and practical abilities. Meanwhile, a range of key transferrable skills, such as communication, teamwork and time management, were substantially enhanced. Concerning the short-term career objective, it is hoped that the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance shall be a cornerstone to earn me a prestigious graduate job in the field of financial consulting and investment analysis.

This is due primarily to the urgent demand for the professionals of climate change, or environment, also with a finance background in my home country. At the College, Careers Service will be a central hub where I shall consistently reinforce my employment skills and potential on the basis of an ample amount of career resources available for students’ job planning and hunting. Plus, career talks and presentations within the related domain are regularly given, which inspire the future job seekers how they can best utilise their own advantages and strengths. My long- term career plan will continue in a relevant area, as this will reflect what will have been learnt at Imperial College Business School. The ever-growing alumni network of the Imperial College London is of considerable value to my career growth. Once graduated from one of the world’s most renowned higher education institutions, the proposed graduate education will sharpen my competitive edge and help me climb the career ladder.

To conclude, MScClimate Change, Management & Finance greatly complements my knowledge system, and firmly interrelates with my undergraduate study of Accounting and Finance by offering a new perspective to interpret the complex relations between climate change and finance. I am a conscientious candidate intending to diversify my knowledge background and enhance my personal competency. My proficiency in Accounting and Finance is anticipated to make me a valuable addition to the stimulating and vibrant learning environment in the heart of London.

15 July 2020
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