An Inspiring Person Who Gained Success

There are many different ways that people define success, which makes in an exciting prospect, because you can then achieve it in many aspects of your life. In my opinion, success isn’t just about how much money you make, or how popular you are. Success doesn’t mean that you have never made mistakes, and everything works out perfectly on the first try. Rather, the key to success is not being afraid to fail, and then getting up and trying again. People who are successful know how to inspire, take on a leadership role, and are willing to help and give back to their communities, not because they’re getting something in return, but because they know it’s the right thing to do. Successful people are able to speak their minds and stand up for what is right, even if they know not everyone will believe or agree with them.

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One very inspiring and admirable person who fits this description perfectly is my Dad’s first cousin, Wab Kinew. Wabanakwut (Wab) Kinew is a well-known Canadian rapper, radio and television reporter, Aboriginal Leader, university instructor, author, Dad, friend, and most importantly, the first Aboriginal person to ever be elected as the Leader of a political party in Canada. In this important leadership role, he is the Head of the NDP opposition party in Manitoba, where he lives. He is a very passionate, inspiring and creative person who exemplifies what I believe to be the definition of success, a motivating, ethical, caring leader, that advocates for social justice.

A few of the successful and inspiring achievements he has accomplished in his 36 years include winning a Juno as a rapper, creating and hosting the famous CBC series 8th Fire, writing an award-winning book called ‘The Reason You Walk’ about his Dad’s, Tobasonakwut Kinew’s, life story. Tobasonakwut was a Regional Chief, Professor of Indigenous Governance at the University of Winnipeg and residential school survivor. Wab recently developed an innovative technology app, as part of his Master’s thesis, that can translate Ojibwe language, which is a big passion for him to try to preserve and promote Aboriginal languages. Wab has also been a powerful voice for the Aboriginal community, while many people still continue to either discriminate against Aboriginal people and/or do not seek to understand the history of colonization. Wab has been a pivotal social justice and political leader in Canada helping to educate about the impacts of colonization, as well as the successes of diverse Aboriginals across the country. As an NDP Leader he has continued to fight for the human rights of both Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals within Manitoba and beyond.

One of the key reasons I chose Wab as an example of success, is because of the ways he has educated me in my life about how to be passionate about what you believe, as well as the history of colonization in Canada. He is a smart and amazing person who is trying to bring the country together, which helps me to think about being a better person, and I am so glad to have him as part of my family.

15 April 2020

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