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My Life's Goal - To Become A Firefighter

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When I find myself with some spare time on my hands, I can find myself doing a handful of things. My favorite past time is taking my girlfriend out. We spend as much of my spare time doing things together as we can. If I’m not with her, many times I will work on my motorcycle or my car out in the garage or go for a ride or drive. I find that just driving around helps to clear my head and put me in a good mood in general.

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If I’m not out going for a drive, I may find myself in a gym. My brothers and I are all into the sport of MMA and boxing. Often times, we train together. It helps to have some competition; it keeps you focused on your goals. Occasionally if I have some spare time that matches up with that of my brothers’, we’ll find ourselves in a pub having a quick drink. On the rare chance that I’m not doing one of the activities mentioned above, I may be catching up on sleep. Realistically though, I maybe get an hour of free time total in a week.

Work and my scheduled trainings tend to keep my days pretty well filled up. I like to think that I understand the role of fire service in the community pretty well. Being a firefighter with the Fort Wayne Fire Since moving from Fort Wayne to Los Santos, I’ve noticed a. “lack” of emergency medical and fire personnel. I’m sure this is just from my point of view and that they’re very active in all actuality. This inspired me to want to transfer from Fort Wayne Fire Department to the Los Santos Fire Department, however.

I want to help the public feel as if they can feel safe and have the thought that if something were to happen, they can count on the department to respond to the emergency. I’ve worked with some of the great members of this department, specifically Captain Borrelli, and he showed me how good the people of this department truly are. Captain Borrelli really inspired me to join and ensured me that this is one of the finest departments in the country. I have a large amount of respect for him after working with him and his fine company over at Borrelli’s. So to sum it all up, I love the people and I love being able to help them when needed.

Department has given me the opportunity to learn a lot about what first responders as a whole do for their communities. Many people believe that, as a firefighter, you would only respond to a fire call or a motor vehicle accident. I’ll admit, I used to believe that to be true as well. After moving to Fort Wayne from Cork, I found myself in the academy and learning the truth quite quickly. Not only do we respond to fires of any kind and motor vehicle accidents, but we respond to various medical emergencies as well. We’re also responsible for aiding in searching for lost persons, water rescues, and so much more. The life of a firefighter is intense and quite hectic, but it’s a life I love and would never want to leave. I know what it entails, and I know it’s what I want to continue doing.

What is anyone’s goal? I want to climb through the ranks and show that I’m one of the finest firefighters this state has seen in a long time. I want to be remembered for what I do to serve the community. I want to put in the work and be recognized for it. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll sit in the Chief’s office. I’m not quite sure what departments or bureaus I’m interested in joining, to be honest. But I know that I want to help the department as much as possible. The people of Los Santos are losing humanity in this department, and I want to help restore it. To list my goals:

  • Be recognized.
  • Climb the ranks.
  • Achieve greatness.
  • Restore faith in the department to the citizens of this city.

I know I’m reaching for the stars it seems like, but if you’re not reaching for the stars, you’ll never reach them.

18 March 2020

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