Personal Motivation to Work in the Fire Department

I am applying for Los Santos Fire Department as from the beginning I want to serve my country and help its people, and I can see such opportunity in this job. Serving as a fire-fighter is a very rewarding career and career path. There are not many careers which are as risky as this one. The main reason why I want to become a fire-fighter is because you always get a chance to help others and save their lives who really need help. By saving one life we also protect a family. So becoming a fireman you get to save lives, this can be anything from preventing minor or major injuries to preventing deaths. I can become a important part of the community. We couldn't function as a society without firefighters. They serve a very important role in the life and this what I love to do. Firefighters not only save lives but also protects the private, public and Government's properties. I always want to work with a team who are ready to risk their live so they can protect others. To be a successful fighter and being a good team player is part and parcel of the job. It will give me the skill to learn to work with others as a part of the team of Los Santos Fire Department. Earlier I wanted to join the Los Santos Sheriff's Department but one incident changed my thoughts.

One day I was standing outside the Idlewood motel waiting for my friend. Suddenly a car approached next to me and two black males stepped out with big rifles and began shooting at a man who was standing behind me next to the motel's building. After shooting, black males get away in their car so I ran towards the wounded male trying to help him, but I couldn't do anything as I was not aware of any medical stuffs or such types of situation. So, there only I decided that I will surely join the Los Santos Fire Department so atlest I can get a chance to save someone's life if he is dying. Part of a fire-fighter is in keeping physically fit. I cannot be a fire-fighter without being physically fit, so I always work out in the morning or in my free time. This is what I also like about this career is that I will be motivated and remain physically fit as the job itself is going to give me that. Although fire-fighters do work long and hard and also in demanding shifts, the good thing about being a fire-fighter is that I can decide when I want to work. Above points mentioned are my interest to join this particular department.

15 April 2020
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