The Role of Uniforms In School: Equality and Time Economy

How long do you spend on choosing what to wear to school in the morning? Did you ever get late or skipped breakfast because of that? Nowadays, the school became more about fashion than education. I strongly agree that students wearing uniforms is a great thing for students, their education and for the school itself. Everyone would agree that a school is a place for learning; therefore school uniforms is a good idea because it is going to save time at the morning, it will support the equality among the students and will improve academic achievements.

First, what I would like to talk about is that uniform is a big time saver in the morning. Personally, I know my friend waste about 20 min minutes on choosing what to wear in the morning. Yes, she could prepare an outfit before she’ll go to sleep, but her problem is uncertainty. So the next day probably she won’t like it. Just like for her, for me, comfort is very important if I would wear something I don't like I would be irritated and would get distracted by the way I look instead of caring about my education. With the uniform, you won’t waste even a second. As I said a school is not a fashion show it’s about education. So if uniform would’ve been so useful why not…We’d all like to live in the world where people don’t judge each other by the way they look and one day we will. So let’s begin with school.

I’m not saying that everyone in the world should wear the same clothes in addition to not to lead the stereotypes to appearance, no. My point is that by making everyone to wear a uniform, you would feel how is it to live in the world where everyone is equal. For example, if you would see someone in school with lowered pants, untidy you would automatically know what kind of person he is, but with the uniform this person would’ve been a complete blank for you. Clothes it’s just the way people express yourself in our society, but we stereotyped some of the looks to what the person is. If she wears expensive clothes, therefore she’s rich, therefore she’s selfish and so on, but what if it’s not the brand that important for her, it’s the quality that’s she’s ready to pay for. Who knows better? Certainly not you. Sometimes we wear something we don’t even like just to fit in the society because that’s how it’s built. So what’s the point?

To conclude, school represents equality. It’s the place where we all are the same, following same goals. Equal. And uniform will symbolize it. In addition, Journal of Educational Research (2003) shows that school uniforms are being advocated for a range of social, educational, economic and familial reasons. Data presented in this article show a positive relation between uniforms and student achievement for the total sample of participants. I’m going to use myself as an example. As I said in the second paragraph, choosing outfit is wasting a lot of time in the morning and if it’s uncomfortable it distracts me throughout the day, which affects my attendance and reduces the quality of focusing on my education. Hence, involving dress code will cancel this problem. In summary, uniforms reduce distractions, allowing students to focus more on their academics and improves their attendance.

10 October 2020
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