Debatable Issues In Education System: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing School Uniform

School uniforms have been a highly debatable argument for many years. Every educational institution has rules regarding school uniforms and the appearance of students. Some schools require their students to wear school uniforms, whereas some schools allow their students to wear casual clothes. In my opinion, students should wear school uniform because it saves teachers and students time, improve students’ safety and also reduce the rate of bullying in schools. I would say that schools with uniform policies usually have good reasons for implementing it and some cite research to back their guidelines. In "Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearing School Uniform Essay" paper are both sides of the argument about the advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniform.

First, students should wear school uniforms because it saves teachers and students time. For teachers, a large amount of their day is spent enforcing school dress codes if students do not wear school uniforms. Codes which dictate the minimum length of a girl’s skirt or prohibit T-shirts with offensive slogans are difficult to enforce in large schools with thousands of students all dress in their clothes. For students, they can spend less time and energy on choosing what to wear before school. There is less stress in figuring out what to wear to school or in trying to keep up with peers and fashion trends. Instead, students can focus on doing their homework or other beneficial recreational activities. When school uniforms make getting ready for school easier, students can improve punctuality.

The second advantage of wearing school uniforms is to improve students’ safety and provide a safer school environment. Since all students are dressed in school uniforms, school staff and security can more easily and quickly spot people who are not supposed in school. According to the news article “Mixed reaction to flexible dress code for Sixth Formers”, one of the secondary school principal in Penang mentioned that security is a major concern as it is difficult to identify students if they do not wear school uniforms. He also said that outsiders can easily enter the school and cause problems. For example, outsider wear casual clothes like other students and blending in with them. This is dangerous for students in school because they do not know what is the purpose of outsider. In addition, students wear school uniforms can also help to reduce crime rates in our country.

Third, students wearing school uniforms may reduce the rate of bullying in school. The way students dress is one of the most common reason for bullying. Students who dress differently or cannot afford branded clothes are made fun of and discriminated. In 2002, a girl named Susan was bullied by her classmate because she stood out in class without wearing designer clothes. She came from a lone-mother household and her mother could not afford any designer clothes, stated in the news article of “Bullied because she stood out in class for not wearing designer clothes”. School uniforms can help to reduce this issue. When all students wear the same, competition between students over clothing choices and the teasing of those who are dressed in less expensive or less fashionable outfits can be eliminated. This may make everyone equal and reduce the rate of bullying in schools.

On the contrary, the disadvantage of wearing school uniforms is it takes away student individuality and freedom of expression. Different types of clothing reveal people’s personalities such as those who like to wear bright colours is an innovator. Their personality is charming and friendly, bright colours also show positive and comfortable. However, school uniforms limit the clothes students want to wear. Some students may feel uncomfortable with school uniforms as they cannot just pick them up from their closets. When students feel uncomfortable, they may find it harder to concentrate in the class. By not allowing students to show their individuality through the way they dress, they may feel oppressed and discouraged to develop their personality. School uniforms restrict students’ freedom of expression.

One of the disadvantages that students wear school uniforms is school uniforms are more expensive for parents than buying regular clothes because there are only available from limited suppliers and lack of competition keeps prices high. When the prices of the school uniforms are high, it causes additional stress to students and parents. It is an additional cost if students wear school uniforms and children go to school 5 days a week means they need at least 2 or 3 sets of uniforms. For those who cannot afford several sets of uniforms, they may have to wash the uniforms when they get home. This can be tiresome and takes away time that could have been spent on homework or rest. Besides, school uniforms can also count as an annual cost. As the children are growing up rapidly between their childhood and adolescence, their parents need to spend money on school uniforms every year.

Next, one of the disadvantages that school uniforms may contribute to corruption. Most of the school uniforms require unique identification such as logos printed on the shirts or socks. Schools may more willing to work with particular suppliers to sell their products and those selected suppliers can take advantage of their parents by selling them at a high price. The suppliers then collaborate with the school administrators to exploit the parents. This is a common occurrence in many countries and leads to many social problems. At the same time, parents and students may also have trust issues with the schools.

In conclusion, school uniforms are a great thing. It seems to be more positive outlooks than negative in school such as it saves teachers and students time, improve students’ safety and also reduce the rate of bullying in schools. Students are in schools for educational purposes, not to show off their clothing or expressions. So I think that students should wear school uniforms.


10 October 2020
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