Minimization Of Bullying In Schools Due To Wearing Uniforms

In both public and private schools, students are constantly being judged on what they wear or how they look. These types of judgments increase the amount of bullying. If schools were to make uniforms mandatory, the judgment would be eliminated and the bullying rate will more than likely decrease. We make inferences on the economic status and background of others. It’s no surprise that there are less fortunate people who can't afford as nice clothing as the wealthy people can. Students shouldn’t be treated differently just because their parents can’t afford “in-style” clothing. With the impression of school uniforms, students are able to focus more on learning in school and building relationships with others.

Mandatory school uniforms would eliminate the bullying problem and will give people an opportunity to judge people on their personality, not just on what they wear. Bullying in general is spiteful: it’s not only a burden of learning, but also is a probable cause of making students lives intolerable. Bullying cannot be eliminated, but can surely be reduced with mandatory uniforms. Along with bullying, theft and gang activities can be majorly decreased by mandatory uniforms. Over the years, gangs are usually identified by clothing. Without knowing who may be in each gang, the violence could be reduced and make the school an overall safer place. If the society and school board insist on doing everything in their power to put a stop to the mistreatment of all students, school uniforms must be mandatory.

Along with bullying and gangs, overall lives of students could be less stressful. A huge amount of students time is put towards their clothes. Instead of spending a vast time choosing clothes, they could have more time for other daily requirements. Students, more so girls, stress about what they will wear or how they look compared to other girls they encounter. The mandatory school uniforms will eliminate this cause of stress. Not only will the stress be relieved from students, but also the parents. Some parents just cannot afford trendy clothing.

Every parent has a huge desire for their child to fit in. As hard as some parents may try to make the best lives for their kids, some just seem to not be able to accomplish this goal.

Many may argue that school uniforms don’t allow students to express and show who they are through their clothing, but that is not the case. It is not the clothes that make anyone who they are. Whether you wear hand-me-downs or the newest outfits, it does not effectively make you who you are on the inside or out. Unfortunately what it does do is make the students of ashamed of themselves and where they come from.

Many conflicts in schools can be solved or minimized with school uniforms. They can induce the parents and their students’ confidence and allow students to excel without as much stress. People are always going to be judged on a number of factors, but the main reason for judgment is because of appearance. So therefore, school uniforms should be mandatory for students to reduce stress, bullying, and make the school an overall better place.

10 October 2020
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