School Uniforms Are Good For Both Students And Parents

School uniforms set a great level for students and their learning process. There is a much greater focus on learning, and getting better grades when the emphasis is off of the fashion of someone clothing. Nationwide public schools have been focused more on improving standardized test scores and school safety. Eventually a growing amount of public schools started to wear uniforms. The proponents argued that students often pay more attention to their classwork if they are not so preoccupied with other students fashion. There was a report that 'suggested that any positive change brought about by mandatory school uniforms could be a result of the community making a concerted and collective effort to improve the academic environment, and that the uniforms themselves were inconsequential to the positive outcomes”. The school uniform set a much better example for the students and make them look more educational. Being placed in a building with different children already has the students attention. The main reason for children going to school is to learn and get their education, and be able to stay focused on their lesson. There can be a lot of things that distracts the students from learning while at school and that is something that we do not want to happen. Assigned uniforms can serve to shift the emphasis from competition back to academic performance and personal achievements. Even though some people do not think that uniforms affect a student education because it is just a pair of clothes. A policy should not be debated as cumulating the educational atmosphere at any level of schooling. Therefore, no clothing can change the way a student learn in school, it is their responsibility on how they carry themselves. The level that uniforms sat for students not only helps out with the learning process, it also maintains the actions they take upon themselves.

Requiring school uniforms takes away the violence, behavior, and the chance of bullying. Schools should require uniforms, which would reduce any opportunities for discomfort or offense over students dress. Most children are picked on by the things that they wear and how they look. With the choice of school uniforms no one can actually say anything when they all have on the same attire. The appropriate uniforms can cut back on gang violence, which often start when two children wearing isolating colors of opposing gangs clash. Lane critiques the model set by the 1969 US Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines. Although the count ruled on the constitutionality of student dress as long as it does not essentially and substantially affect the requirements of appropriate discipline in the process of the school. If the uniforms do not require anything that would cause bad behavior, then that means the uniforms are good purposes. If students are obligated to wear uniforms then they will dress appropriately. Some children hide weapons inside of their clothing, so if there are uniforms, no one will be able to hide any weapons. Although the opponent does not think that uniforms prevent violence and self-control. Many opponents think that there is no evidence that is in bullying literature that supports a decrease in violence due to uniforms. This attire cannot change the way students carry themselves and how they take upon their actions. At Long Beach Unified District School 81% of their middle school students said that uniforms did not reduce any fights that took place at their school. If actions like this still take place at a school with the younger children, it is more than likely to still be happening with the older children as well. It is very difficult to understand how students can develop positive self-esteem and express themselves when they have to dress like others. No one will know how a person feel if they can never express the way the feel about their self. The reasoning for uniforms is to stop the bad behavior and violence that the students bring out amongst each other; this also helps the parents in a lot of ways.

School uniforms create an equal environment for students and help the parents with finances. Staying out of uniforms would not be a problem for the rich, but can be a huge problem for the poor. Uniforms are less expensive than regular clothing that children wear, they last longer and can be reused for a great amount of time. Being a part of the fashion society associated with peer pressure can lead to parents spending unnecessary money that do not need to be spent.

10 October 2020
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