School Uniform: the Restriction for Personal Expression

Which is the best thesis statement for an essay on school uniforms? School uniforms can have a large influence on students' behaviours and education at School. There are multiple benefits and draw backs to apply uniform requirements in schools. School uniform makes the students look more formal and put together making the school look more professional and presentable, inducing formality into the students. What people wear tells a lot about them as a person, and implementing school uniform helps prepare the students for the society in later life, students who attend schools implementing uniform learn how to dress appropriately which is critical for today's employment world.

There are many who will argue that uniforms in schools have effects on student' education one of the reasons being the students emotionally suffering about their appearance. According to the over half of 11 to 16-year-old (52%) often worry about how they look; this could lead to decrease in their academic performance due to their focus being elsewhere on their appearance, this could be because of many reasons to do with their body image and fear of being the target of bullies due to it, to add to this in most scenarios when students feel insecure about their appearance, they tend to bring others down in order to make themselves feel better. There are many students who have all the 'trendy clothing', designer, and latest brands, these are the students who are considered to be the “popular students” and for the students who are less fortunate as them could also be a main target for bullies because of what clothing they wear.

However, though many people agree to receive the uniform implemented by their schools Some argue that uniforms restrict them from expressing themselves through there fashion. This could lead to the students rebelling leading to behavioural problems as they don't agree with the uniform policies. Students will often do whatever they can to go against the school rules if they strongly disagree with them and this could cause disruption in classes and could later progress to violence towards teachers and other students affecting not only their education but others around them as well.

Lots of people feel that uniforms don't have much of an influence of the behaviours of students at school and from my personal experience I believe that school uniforms do not have an effect on students behaviour.

Having no school uniform is extremely inconvenient as you don't have a set outfit for every day of the school week, having to prepare different outfits for each day could be incredibly stressful and time consuming, possibly leading to missed deadlines for homework making the students being behind on work, adding to that the outfit choices could be extremely revealing and not appropriate for school another example of this is students could wear shorts and a t-shirt on an extremely cold day, not dressing appropriately for the weather. There for having uniforms which are appropriate, whether it be the length of the skirt or the weather outside would be hugely beneficial to the school and the students.

To conclude, a particular issue in the US is school shootings and although the majority of school shooters come from inside the school there are still many who come from outside. A way of preventing strangers from entering schools is implementing school uniforms. Uniforms can tell apart the students from strangers that could potentially enter the school, this could prevent many problems within the school as strangers wouldn't be able to blend into the crowd, making the school a much safer place.

05 January 2023
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