My Passion To Be A Nurse

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My passion to become a nurse started in my childhood when my stepdad went through a quadruple bypass heart surgery. He said that if it was not for the nurses constant support and dedication to his well being, the recovery would have been much harder. I watched the nurses take care of my step dad in everything he did. They built good relationships with him and did all they could in order to ensure he felt comfortable. This informed my decision to choose nursing as a career because it will provide me with a challenging but rewarding work as well as stable work opportunities. I want to experience growth in my career and I am sure nursing will enable me to advance and specialize. This way, I will be able to continue challenging myself while providing the best possible care to my patients.

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My decision to become a nurse was also influenced by my desire to learn new things about the human body. As a nurse, I will have to challenge myself to keep up with the latest medical training and trends. This will ensure that I continue to care for my patients in the best possible way. In my everyday practice in my workplace, I will learn something new from both my colleagues and patients. This will inspire me to continue exploring deeper knowledge of the procedures and techniques I apply on a daily basis. I thus consider nursing a rich field for personal learning and development.

As I finish my high school education, I have realized that I possess most of the qualities that are needed for nursing. For example, I am a good communicator in both aspects being listening and providing feedback. I realized this through working in a restaurant and volunteering at the hospital as I was surrounded by all different types of people. I believe a good nurse should be able to communicate effectively with their patients and explain things to them clearly both in a nontechnical and technical way.

Finally, I have always wanted to pursue a rewarding career and I believe nursing is one of them. By caring for people during possibly the worst time of their life, I will be able to get a gratifying feeling. I will be fulfilled knowing that I will be doing something great for the community while also discovering all my talents. I strongly believe that all a nurse does can change the world. Therefore, becoming a nurse would be one of my life time dreams. 

16 August 2021

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