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Napoleon: Hero Or Tyrant

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The controversial question of whether Napoleon should be considered a courageous hero or a cruel tyrant has been around ever since he became a ruler. Napoleon Bonaparte should be considered a hero for the essence that he discovered some of the biggest achievements in history, won major battles and overall made the world a more fair place for everyone to live.

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Brave and courageous are just some of the many words to describe Napoleon’s biggest achievements. The Civil Code, invented in 1804, had been adopted by countless countries around the world. Freedom of religion forbade birthright privilege, granted by the Code. The Code also stated that no government jobs should only be awarded on merit. France did not have any laws before the Civil Code. As if inventing the Civil Code wasn’t enough, he also organized the Bank of France and the Council of State. After the terrible financial catastrophe, the Bank of France was created to restore assurance. the Bank of France was created. The Council of State is the body of the French government system. It acts as both a supreme court for administrative justice and a legal adviser of the executive branch. e. A hero is someone who is admired for their courage and outstanding achievements, just as Napoleon Bonaparte was.

The series of conflicts pitting the French empire was called the Napoleonic Wars. Austria and Russia undertook the war against France in 1805. Napoleon’s response was to defeat the allied Russo-Austrian army, which is still considered his biggest and most outstanding victory. In October of 2005, Napoleon set an alarmed peace to the continent of Europe after he defeated the Prussians and Russia. The Franco-Spanish navy took control of the seas and prevented the invasion of Britain. That triumph was also a major encouragement to Napoleon. Napoleon sacrificed his own personal concerns for a greater good for his country, exactly what a strong hero should have done.

Napoleon had not only satisfied the needs of his country, but he also satisfied the needs of the people in his country. Napoleon insured freedom of religion in France and civil rights to the Protestant sects. Most people were confused by this act of Napoleon establishing freedom of religion since he had nothing political to gain. He wanted the Jews to be treated as equal as Catholics and Protestants. Simply, he wanted the Jews to have their own Jerusalem in France. Making an act that benefits other people and not yourself is considered being a hero.

Napoleon’s work should be praised and applauded by everyone over the world. Due to Napoleon making some of the biggest achievements in history, his victories in battles, and making religion free for all, he is a strong and courageous hero in history.

10 October 2020

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