Physical & Psychological Health Related Effects of TV Watching on Audience

At the end of a day’s work you may enjoy nothing more than curling up on the couch watch the next episode of your favorite series, snack in hand. Yet do your favorite Television Shows impact your psychological health? Recent Research by Radio Times in the UK suggests that half its sample viewers had watched an entire series in a single sitting and that Four-hours stints were regular practice. The trend of this unlimited access began back in 2013’ when 013 Netflix released House of Cards’ said the first time viewers were able to watch a show back-to-back’ since then viewing habits have changed completely.

The Physical Fallout

The problem, says Dr Tamara Ghazi, medical director at diversified integrated sports Clinic, is lack of moderation. With addictive shows only a click away, people are becoming more guled of the sofa suffering the physical effects ‘’it’s causing more back issues and weight gain from lack of movement’’ she says.

Sleep Deprivation

Dr Irshaad Ebrahim, medical director at The London Sleep Center, Harley Street, says another risk when consuming content on devices is the blue light sky they emit, this overstimulates the brains, making viewers feel they are wide awake, thus leading to sleep deprivation “it can effect the sleeping brain as it will suppress melatonin [sleep hormone] secretion,” he explains, over long periods, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to reduced immunity, depression, anxiety and obesity. Warning signs include headaches, vision strain and fatigue, but Ebrahim also recommends taking breaks between episodes to move and rest the eyes.

Escapist Tendencies

Mental health experts see issues emerging, too. Dr Tara Wayne, clinical director at the lighthouse Arabia, Sys binge-watching TV is used as a ‘’passive coping strategy’’ when people are feeling anxious, depressed or avoiding situations, relationships or responsibilities ‘ what is concerning is that do not feeling any different or better after that they responsibilities“. they have binge-watched. They are faced with unpleasant emotions’’ she explains.

Patients often claim that watching shows causes them to go to sleep later than intended, to forget and avoid studies, work tasks or domestic responsibilities and even avoid friends and family members at times to be able to continue watching TV.

Eye Health

Eye health and vision impairment is another detrimental side effect of staring at a screen for hours on end. Abu Dhabi, says long stints if viewing can affect our eyes in different ways.’’ We blink half s much as our normal blinking rate, which causes the eyes to become dry. People with dry eyes can experience a burning sensation, heavy or tried eyes, eye strains, blurry vision and headaches” she says She suggests cycles of watching for 20 minutes then taking a 20 minute break, or at least pausing between shows, and recommends getting regular eye test.

Binge-Eating on the Side

MacRitchie, who is also a nutrition expert, says diet, too to take a back seat when binge-watching, and that often a sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices go hand in hand. This has grown alongside a culture of ordering in, and is a recipe for metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and even cancer.

The association the brains makes between the increased dopamine from the continued watching and the very often unhealthy snacks and takeaway food, becomes cemented in the neural Pathways , what we find on our hands is an addiction to the binge-watching coupled with unhealthy eating’’ says MacRitchie , ‘’A single addiction to overcome but one where the brains is releasing dopamine from two stimulants at the same time is twice as hand.


With exciting shows accessible on a regular basis and the cost of Netflix other channels and catch-up facilities more affordable than ever, binge-watching has become a modern epidemic. Research is steadily emerging that lists the detrimental effects of the trend and health experts warn it mark dawning if a new challenge.


07 July 2022
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