Places for a Pub Crawl in London You Don’t Want to Miss

Are you visiting London? You might want to enjoy the most popular leisure activity in this city – drinking. The best way to experience the local culture, have fun and drink is to go on a pub crawl. Ideally, you have some friends that you can do it with. If you are getting married, stag do London pub crawl could be the perfect activity for you and your friends. Whether you're in London just for a weekend getaway or you are a future groom, there are 5 pubs that you should not miss.

  1. Monopoly Pub Crawl
  2. This legendary pub crawl is named after the board game Monopoly. The drinkers try to visit pubs at each of the London streets and stations listed on the Monopoly board. The goal is for the pub crawlers to visit 26 bars before the night is over. It is insanely popular. If you survive it, you have the most amazing bragging rights. Pubs open at 12. 00 in London, and that is when the pub crawl begins. This pub crawl combines speed and drinking ability. If you move too slowly, you won’t finish it because the bars and pubs in London close early. If you can’t handle your alcohol, then you won’t be physically capable to visit all 26 pubs. There are a number of tours modeled after the original Monopoly pub crawl. You have some options to choose from if you accept this drinking challenge.

  3. The Camden Pub Crawl
  4. Visit and drink at the most famous venues in Camden. The stops include clubs, live music bars, and the most beloved watering holes in Camden. A benefit of pub crawling with the group is the ability to line jump (shorter wait times), no entry fees, free shots, discounted drinks, and professional pictures of your night out. The group meets every evening between 19. 30 and 20. 30.

  5. The Shoreditch Pub Crawl
  6. This pub crawl takes drinkers to five different pubs and bars. Participants receive five free shots at each different venue, pay no entry fee, and can buy discounted drinks. If it’s your birthday or you’re a hen (woman) you can participate in the pub crawl for free. If you enroll online, the fee is 15 GBP and 20 GBP if you pay on arrival. Participants meet every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 20. 30 and 21. 15 at Sink Bar in London.

  7. Central London Pub Crawl
  8. Join tourists, travelers, couples, and friendly people who want to tour the bars and nightclubs of central London. The group will visit five bars and nightclubs, be able to jump the line, pay no entry fees, and get discounted drinks. Pub crawlers also get five free shots during the pub crawl. This seven-hour pub crawl tests your endurance, high spirits, and drinking skills. Just so you know, there will be a professional photographer with the group all night. Why? To catch and memorialize the best moments of the pub crawl.

  9. London Party Pub Crawl
  10. If you love to dance and drink, this is the pub crawl for you. Pub crawlers visit four pubs in central London in five hours. The pub crawl ends at the Ministry of Sound. At the Ministry of Sound, party goers can listen to House and techno music from around the world, and the house DJs. Pub crawlers get free shots at three different bars, don’t pay entry fees, can buy discounted drinks, and are allowed to line jump. The guide makes sure everyone finishes the pub crawl, and the professional photographer makes sure you remember, or at least see, the most epic moments of the night. This pub crawl is only available on selected weekends.

13 January 2020
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