Trafalgar Square – The Most Attractive Place In Britain

London is one of the biggest touristic city in the world and the most popular square all people who visit London want to go to Trafalgar Square. Do you know how many people visit Trafalgar Square every year? According to city-walks. info websites, 5 million people visit Trafalgar square each year. It is in the list of 10 most visited places in London, The UK. This is so many people if we compare to the capacity of the square which is up to 20, 000 people at the same time.

Another interesting thing about Trafalgar square, it was named in 1830 after a victory of Trafalgar war. This war which was called Napoleonic wars occurred against France and Spain and the British Naval victory on 21 October 1805. Nowadays, Trafalgar square uses as a historical place for international and local tourists. That is why, Trafalgar square is the most attractive place in Britain since it has high and medium quality stores, several historical architectures, and a lot of social activities.

First of all, Trafalgar square is an appealing place for a lot of people who want to feel comfortable and experience different emotions. Historical places around Trafalgar square make you feel as you are living in the 18th century and a lot of people like experiencing the old time. Moreover, people who visit Trafalgar square can watch street magicians, painters and so on. These kinds of street events or activities make people more connected to the place where they are. That is why, people can experience different feeling at the same time. In brief, plenty of people visit to also Trafalgar square for not only seeing the historical places but also experiencing the new different feeling.

Secondly, the history of Trafalgar square attracts millions of tourists every year. The area of Trafalgar square became an important place after 1200 as stated in article by Ben Weinreb. After 1732, the king mew which was built by William Kent’ design was separated into two mews, according to Rodney Mace. The place is a National Gallery today. In 1826, Forests and land was hired John Nash to design plans in order to clean a big area south of Kent’s building as stated the article by Gater G. H. . John Nash’s plan made an open area which became Trafalgar square now but he wanted to preserve a bock in the center which would be a new place for the Royal Academy. After the construction of Trafalgar square started, John Nash died so he could not see what he did. According to Tim Moore, in 1830, the square was to be named by William IV while his ascent to the throne as Tim Moore stated in Do Not Pass Go. According to Marc cardinal, throughout 1835, the square was called after the battle of Trafalgar which Admiral Horatio Nelson’ victory in Napoleonic Wars in 1805. Moreover, Nelson’s column which was completed in November 1843 may be the most appealing architecture in Trafalgar square for tourists as stated Rodney Mace. In a nutshell, Trafalgar square has historical buildings and monuments and statues which are appealing for a lot of people.

Thirdly, tourists visit the Trafalgar square to experience different social activities. One of the biggest events in Trafalgar squarer is Christmas celebration. According to BBC news, people who are living in London have celebrated Christmas in the square every year since 1947. The Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square is another important thing that makes this event appealing. This tree comes from Norway each year as a gift of gratitude of The United Kingdom’s support while Word War 2 as stated in BBC news. com. The event is open everyone and plenty of people attend it every year. In addition, Trafalgar square is one of the most popular places in London to celebrate New Year eve and countdown for a new year. Moreover, victory parades and several sports events have been taken place at Trafalgar Square. On 6 July 2005, London’s offer to host the 2012 Summer Olympics had announced at Trafalgar square and then 2012 Summer Olympics has been taken place in London. Furthermore, the opening ceremonies of the Tour de France have occurred in Trafalgar square in 2007 as stated in Transport for London. com. In addition, Trafalgar square used in many movies and TV series such as The Avengers, Casino Royal, and Doctor Who.

All in all, Trafalgar square catches millions of tourists’’ attention with social activities which are Christmas, New Year eve and sports events. All things considered, Trafalgar square is one of the most appealing places in London The United Kingdom because It has a lot of luxury stores around it, ancient places, and several social activities. Everyone in the world gets an opportunity to visit once their lives at Trafalgar square to see the magnificent Nelson’s column and rest of the square. In the future, the value of Trafalgar square increases because of the growth of a number of tourists every year.

15 July 2020
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