Portrayal Of Malcolm X In The Biographical Film “Malcolm X”

“You can’t deny those charges,” declared Malcolm X in his movie when stating that “the white man is the greatest murderer, kidnapper, robber, enslaver, swine-eater, and drunkard on this earth.” When stating that the white man is all of these things, he says “we are the living proof,” at the end of his speech, but now that he’s gone there are many untrue that Malcolm lived. In the movie of Malcolm X, it contrasted with his autobiography, it gave many inaccuracies about his life that were proven untrue like how his wife not so innocent character when in regard of her affairs on the side and his false accusation of the CIA for stalking him when it really was the Mecca’s secret agents all long.

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Now there are more accuracies than inaccuracies to the movie and his autobiography as proven by many articles, interviews, and documentaries. From the time he was still in his mother’s stomach and attacked by Klansmen to when he was saved by the teachings of the honorable Elijah Muhammad, everything he says is factual and proven on paper and it is said many times on informative websites. In the movie, he was shown that he was completely against the white men’s crimes committed against him and others. But later on, he learned when he went to Mecca that Muslims came in all shades of color. In my beliefs, I believe the so-called honorable Elijah Muhammad was the real racist in the stead of Malcolm. In a YouTube video called Malcolm X – A Person’s Deeds, from his mouth, Malcolm quotes, “The real Nation of Islam does not teach to judge another human being by the color of his skin, the yard stick that is used to measure another man’s, is not a man’s color, but his deeds, the man’s conscious behavior.” That means that you should judge a man by his behavior because it shows him fully what he could do for his past, future, or present.

Betty, Malcolm’s wife, was not loyal to him, she had an affair because of her ever-lasting loneliness because her husband, el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, had numerous travels. With his numerous long travels, Betty grew unsatisfied with her marriage to him. In her un-faithfulness to him, she had an affair with one of the minsters of the Nation of Islam. But I do not blame her, the honorable Elijah Muhammad does not practice what he preaches. Mr. Muhammad had many ‘wives’ as he so calls them as when he does in pregnant them by force and then silent them. He even encouraged Malcolm to commit adultery and he would protect him, but Malcolm was a devout lover through and through. One of the teachings of the Nation of Islam is to be faithful to your significant other.

And finally, in the movie, Malcolm X believed in his hearts of hearts that his saver, the honorable Elijah Muhammad, did not sent mecca’s secret agents to kill him, he claimed it was the CIA. Three members of the Nation of Islam were found guilty of killing him. The funny thing about it was that Malcolm knew what was coming, on the day of his death in the movie, he knew he was about to die by the quote, “It is a time for martyrs now.” Martyrs is by definition defined as someone who is killed because of their beliefs. What would you do if you were in place of Shabazz? At the sight of trouble ahead, would you sacrifice your life for your family or would you escape, leaving your family to die?

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07 September 2020

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