Body's Restore After Pregnancy: Training And Eating

Diana is a mom of two. She was regularly exercising with cardio and some aerobic exercises before delivering her first born 9 years ago. She doesn’t have health issues to take into consideration. As a mother of two I would let her know that I have two kids and loved the process of losing weight and strengthening my body after I had kids. I would tell her it would be a true honor to be able to assist her with her goals to do so as well. I would then give her a tour of the gym so she feels more comfortable; machines and other clients can sometimes seem overwhelming and intimidating. Making sure a client is comfortable and feels secure in their environment is important. I would then sit down with her and go over specific goals and limitations and gather as much data as possible. To help her along with the process, I would demonstrate these movements and ask questions during the training to assess for discomfort. This also should help the client to build a trust in me and further my assessment of her limitations and strengths. Finally I would take "before" pictures and take measurements with calipers for body composition testing. We will continue to do this monthly to keep her motivated during the process.

Her body needs a recovery. This is to initiate the initial activity and shape. Her activity percentage will be approximately between 60-70%. This is found in the recovery zone.

Target Heart Rate = max HR − resting HR × %Intensity + resting HR

Her maximum HR is 226.

Expected Minimum training heart rate

226 - 37(age) = 189

189 – 75 (rest HR) = 114

114 X 0.60(minimum intensity) + 75(rest HR) = 143.4 beats/minute

Her maximum training heart rate

226 – 37(age) = 189

189- 75(rest HR) = 114

114 X 0.70(maximum intensity) + 75(rest HR) = 154.8 beats/minute

Diana’s Average training heart rate = 149.1 beats/minute

Diana’s recommended training schedule

She must initiate programs to ensure she burns the excess fats. Excess fats in the body develop when result the body doesn’t have a mechanism to “burn up” or use the excess fats. The only possible route to eliminating the excess fats is through consistent, well- programmed work outs.

The training should be geared towards achieving stabilization, strength, and lowering body fat.

12-week workout and training schedule that will help to achieve her goals.

Week 1-4

Endurance training

This is intended to help to increase muscular endurance before introduction of heavier training. The first week of exercises can be basic like mountain climbers, jump squats, or the row machine. “Performing both upper-body and lower-body exercise simultaneously will make you substantially more aerobically fit”.- Pg. 312 "Fitness: The Complete Guide" Any exercise that incorporates this is a great start!

Three to four sets only

10-15 repetitions at moderate intensity

Rests of about 45 seconds between sets.

30 to 60- minute sessions about 4 to 6 times a week

Weeks 5 to 8

Body reshaping

These activities should put more strain on the body to burn more fat. The intensity levels should be increased and exercises should be directed at the lower parts of the body from the abdomen. A couple of examples of body reshaping exercises are hanging knee raises, barbell forward lunges, or the barbell complex. This would include:

4 to 5 sessions a week

2 to 3 sets

8 repetitions per set

2 to 3-minute break between the sets

Weeks 9 to 12

Adaptability and strength

The body should be now used to the training program and has begun responding by becoming firm or stiffer.

The exercises should now have reduced intensity and volume. There should be

About 2 to 3 sets

5 repetitions per set

3 sessions per week.

Nutritional Recommendations

High protein breakfast. Examples: Egg whites and vegetables or greek yogurt and strawberries or blueberries. (Protein is essential for developing and maintaining lean muscle).

Eating adequate amounts of protein throughout the day should be a priority. You should reach for about .8 grams of protein per Kg of lean body weight. When your body is losing fat, it’s also losing muscle. To ensure maintained muscle, protein is imperative.

Black coffee has antioxidants which help in boosting metabolism by 3%-11% and increases burning of fats by about 10%

Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates contain less fiber and are strongly linked to weight gain because of their sugar content.

Avoid processed foods and try to eat whole foods such as sweet potatoes or brown rice, lean turkey or chicken breast, green vegetables and avoid soft drinks. The carbohydrates from the sweet potatoes or rice will provide energy and fuel for your work outs while the lean protein will help maintain the muscle that has been built.

Fruits are also effective for weight loss because they contain few calories and have more fiber. Instead of having a starchy or sugary snack, choose an apple or cup of strawberries!

03 December 2019
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