Reasons Why Golf It Isn't a Game

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Golf, is it a game or sport? A question that has been in many people’s minds for a long time. Golf though does not require brutal strength, is a sport.

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Sports can be defined as an activity that involves physical exertion and skill, and an individual or team competes against one another. Golf origin can be traced back millennia to China, but the modern, 18-hole version started in Scotland in the 1400’s.

Golf is a competitive sport, and it requires mental capacity and also demands physical extortion and muscle use. Other sports, for instance, one has to play for a single day, but golf tournament can go for over four days for one to win, making it a very competitive sport. A golfer can be injured but still continues to play because he/she is motivated and wants to win.

The Mental game is an essential part of any game, and playing golf, knowing how to shot, blocking what others have done, and doing what lays ahead is the mental part. Taking part in golf sport you have to be very precise. This is because when you perform a small mistake like slightly missing the ball, it will throw off your whole shot. I golf you don’t have any other player to help you when you miss or make a mistake unlike other sports. Just to make sure, golf is not only a physical sport but a mind sport too. The mental part of golf shows that it is a sport.

Most sports involve burning of calories, so does golfing. Take basketball for instance, an hour of basketball can burn over 727 calories. Golf is played an average of 270 minutes, and an average of 360 calories is burnt every hour. By calculation golf burns about 1500 calories per game, which is higher than that of basketball. It also involves active muscle activity. One golf swing uses at least 17 muscles groups, by coordination of the hands, legs, wrists, abdomen and arms. This means that golf requires a lot of muscle strength making a sport rather than just a game.

After asking my friend what fascinates him the most in watching golf tournament? To my surprise he answered that “eehm..I am most fascinated at the moment when the golfer is taking their time before hitting the ball. It feels like you can feel the intensity and pressure that comes along with it. The silence helps them focus but also give a bit of pressure as there’s no sound. However, the golfer knows that there are people watching along their surrounding and has to be composed.” The answer confirmed that my friend also sees golf as a sport.

To be a good golfer, you must observe golf etiquette. You must not talk during someone’s backswing, don’t walk through someone else’s line, don’t get angry every shot that is not perfect and most of all have fun.

To conclude, golf is a sport because it is competitive, involves mental part and requires physical extortion. All of these are the definition of a sport.       

29 April 2022

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