Religious Views on Abortion: the One Side of the Debate

Abortion has been a remarkable topic for many years since it has been commonly debated between two different sides, the people who are against it and the people who are in favor. Religious views on abortion usually present 'against' side. However, in the essay we will analyse some arguments which religious people use to support their opinion.

Religious Views on Abortion and Women's Rights to Choose

Around the world there are many people that still believe that abortion has a connection with religion. “It makes no difference what your religion is, or even whether you have any religion; abortion is wrong”. Rickerd explain that abortion will never depend on what people religious thoughts are. But of course, there are many people, mostly teenagers; that says that they have rights to what they want with their bodies, and this is completely wrong because people don’t think that abortion is basically killing a new life that is starting to be created inside of people. Rickerd also says that there are many organizations that support this issue, that supports teenagers that had decided to take this risk, and this are the same organizations that are creating human rights issues.

One of the key questions relating to abortion is “When will the child’s life begin?” The Christian church and several others believe that life begins at conception, though science is unable to answer this question. “Abortion dialogue facts embrace some truths for thought, the heartbeat of an unborn kid begins twenty-one days when conception, the brain is absolutely purposeful by the fortieth day when conception, and a baby born as early as twenty weeks when conception contains a sensible probability of survival”. If the heartbeat begins at twenty-one days, which means that's a living human being. A woman’s lost amount might take thirty days to catch. At that time, the fetus is already well developed. Pregnancies that aren't caught immediately and are aborted can kill the lady. The kid might not be ready to survive on his own, however the kid relies on the mother for survival.

Many people in society believe it's acceptable for ladies to own a right to settle on whether or not to own a baby or terminate the maternity. These individuals are pro-choice. Others believe that girls ought to carry through with the pregnancy; they're thought of to be pro-life. They believe the innocent baby encompasses a right to life. Many people don't believe abortion thanks to their faith. If you're accountable enough to own sex, you wish to be responsible for the consequences that would happen.. In my opinion, abortion kills innocent unborn children; they need no thanks to defend themselves, yet, if a pregnant mother is killed, the death is taken into account of a double killing. If somebody commits abortion, it's legal. I believe that having an abortion in regarding to; sex, disability, or handicap of the person is unacceptable. God says you wish to attend till wedding to have sex, and also the Bible says that murder may be a sin. Abortion is murder in my eyes. People are for or against abortion for several reasons, however it typically depends on their values or morals.


In conclusion, abortion is a subject that can be discussed by different points, and this is a controversial topic also for religious people as well as for secular. There are some people who feel pressure on this, since they may be going through the same thing, the only thing they can do is find good information that can prevent of taking a decision like having an abortion, not of any page found on the internet. Abortion is one of the cruelest ways to end the life of a human being who is helpless and who in many occasions are not desired by young people who are not aware of the damage they cause themselves, and not only the damage physical, if not also psychological, since this behavior leads to permanent damage that many people, of any age, may be going over that situation. 

03 July 2023
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