Remembering My First Job Experience

Everyone’s remembers the first job they ever had. People never forget it, because that is when kids to really understand the real value of earning money themselves after working very hard. Of course, as a child you’re not out there in the office doing paper work or performing surgery. At this point in life work tends to lean toward doing things around the house like cleaning or doing lawn work. And at this time in a young boy’s life, buying the latest video games was the thing to do. Sadly, growing up my parents were not the type of people to just hand out money out of nowhere, or even for work done at home. Finding work was a number one priority in order to purchase the latest games.

Therefore, the next step was to find out if there was anyone around town that needed help. Growing up in the town of New Hyde Park, which is a relatively quiet and peaceful neighborhood; the streets there especially quiet since they were inhabited by what seemed like the entire elderly population of Nassau County. To put it lightly the neighborhood had a lot of elderly people, a lot of people that needed help in their yards. Hence, the quest began to find the oldest person in the neighborhood, Mrs. Wong. She was over eighty years old, and she definitely wasn’t healthy enough to tend to her once flourishing garden. The garden wasn’t what it once used to be, now there were just a couple of small flowers growing and she had a grass lawn and somehow some small tomatoes were starting to grow. Knocking on her door and additionally building up enough courage to ask her for work seemed quite daunting. She eventually opened the door opening it quietly and carefully. She explained that she just didn’t have the energy to keep up with all the work that her garden required. She was offered to pay for the work if it were done properly and carefully.

The first duty was to pull out all the weeds in the yard. The work turned out to be a back breaking amount of work, pulling out weeds one by one for hours in her front yard and backyard. It made sense why Mrs. Wong couldn’t take care of everything like she once used to, the process is quite time consuming. After pulling out the weeds it was time to mow the lawn, front and back. That turned out to be a lot more tedious then previously imagined. Luckily that was it for the first day, and it took about two hours to get everything done. Turned out all the work that had been done only deserved $5. Mrs. Wong said it was the best she could give at the moment, granted there were some fresh cookies included with the money. Sure, it was less than imagined, but at least it was a job. After getting that $30, the excitement built up to a point that it was absolutely urgent to take the ten-minute walk to the nearest GameStop, which was at a shopping center close by. Walking faster than ever before, the excitement was overflowing and Pokémon Emerald was sitting right there on what looked like a throne made up out of video games. Pokémon Emerald was a masterpiece and an extremely popular game at that time. Everyone had it and it was a great game to just waste away hours playing.

After many days of working for Mrs. Wong, and buying many more games, another plan was starting to develop. It was time to saving money for something even more interesting than games: a Nintendo Wii. Wiis at this time were all the rage, so it was natural to yearn for it. It was time to start working for multiple clients in order to earn enough money to purchase it.

After gathering enough money to buy a Nintendo Wii, the plan was to go out to the store and buy one and also a game to play on it. However, after one day of playing on it, it was quickly realized that a mistake had been made: it was not as fun as previously imagined, and it as starting to feel as if it were all a waste. After spending all this time in the hot sun for hours doing yard work to buy something that was not going to get any use and to be honest it was turned out to be a huge letdown. So, the next day, it was decided that it was time to return it for a full refund. From then on, I decided to just save the money I worked so hard to earn. 

16 December 2021
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