Internship Experience In Account Section

Weekly Schedule

In the duration of six weeks of the internship, there were five working days per week, i. e. from Monday to Friday. In addition to those I enjoyed three bank holidays of EID-UL-AZHAA too. A detail of day to day activities is mentioned below.

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Following is the schedule for the given tenure of 6 weak internship activities. A weekly schedule is also mentioned in the following topic.

Detail description of the departments alone with the operations or activities of the department you worked in during you internship

Remittance and Clearing.

In Remittance department bank offers different types of products such as bankers check, CDR (call deposit receipt), RTGS (real time gross settlement), TT (telegraph transfer). RTGS is between two banks and its amount is 100,000. CDR is made normally for the government departments. The bank only made CDR of account holder. The bank must have detail information about purchaser and beneficiary. Purchaser is an account holder and beneficiary is the person who is in favor of CDR. It is also made for tender. There is also a home remittance under this department. Home remittance is received and transfers but in our branch it is only receive. There are two modes of medium from where the home remittance comes through Weston union and transit fast.

Clearing is a process of transfer and settlement of funds between two different banks. There are three types of clearing inward clearing and outward clearing, inner-city clearing. Inward clearing means cheques of your own bank drawn. Outward clearing means cheques of other bank deposit by your client. Inner-city clearing means clearing between two cities. Security deposit lockers are 100 percent refundable. Security of small lockers is Rs. 30,000, medium lockers security is 40,000, and security of large size lockers are 50,000.

Security Deposit Lockers are Only for the Customers

Rental basis

Rental basis lockers are also for customers as well as for staff. For the customers the initial deposit of the rental basis lockers is Rs. 5000 that is refundable. Yearly rent for the small size lockers is Rs. 2320, medium lockers are Rs. 2900 and for large lockers are Rs. 4500. all these amount is deducted from customers account. For the staff there is no initial deposits for rental basis lockers but the yearly rent of small size lockers’ are 1160, medium size lockers are Rs. 1450 and for large size lockers are Rs. 2250. This entire amount is deducted from the employee account.


  1. Customer must have account in any branch of askari
  2. Two passport size pictures
  3. ID card copy


Lockers open with both the customer and Master Key, but it locks only with the customer key. Customer things which they put in lockers are confidential. The supervisor issue the locker debt card to the customer on which the locker number is written on the top then name of the licensee is written in block letters, telephone number, office number, residential address, signature of customer, photograph, and then at last special institutions are written. In special institutions supervisor written down that whether the locker is singly, jointly and either or survivor. In single locker only the single person can operate the locker; number of locker holder is one. In joint lockers two people must operate the locker, in which the numbers of locker holders is two.

In case of either or survivor all the people can operate the locker, in which the number of locker holders is infinity. There must exist the blood relationship between all the locker holders. And at last the most important information about locker is that when supervisor issue the locker to customer there exist a relationship between locker holder and bank. Which is called licensee and licensor, in this case locker holder is a licensee and bank is a licensor.

Credit departmentIn credit departments they are offering different types of loans such as running finca, term finca and Prime Minister Youth business loans. Term finca depends upon the needs of the customers. They also offer different lease facilities. Bank covers its credit risk through mortgage over property, insurance over property and vehicles.

  • Priority department

It is only for the customer whose deposit is above then 10 million.

Accounts department. The Accounts Department is the backbone of all organizations. All financial matters are dealt with and supervised in the accounts department. I worked almost three or four days in the accounts department. As the information is confidential I did not get enough information about their work.

  • Account Opening Department

In account department the formalities of opening of account were for the walk in clients, who wanted to open an account in our branch. They provide us with relevant information such as the source of income, identification details and other documents such as the national ID card number, etc. I work mostly in this department where so many paper work, system work and other functions that were performed for account opening success.

Detail description of the task assigned to you or detail description of the projects to you during your internshipAs a summary description of the events occurring weekly is mentioned below:

Week 1

In the first week of my internship supervisor I get the introduction of all departments and staff, also the task of introduction and responsibilities assigned to employees. There are basically eight departments in our branch accounts department, account opening department, credit department, locker department, priority department, clearing and remittance department, foreign exchange department and ATM cards and books department. Checks. I spent my first week of internship in the accounts department. He gives me some information about the account department that account department is the backbone of the entire organization. I work three or four days in the account department because the information is confidential, so he did not give me enough information regarding his performance. I ordered the checks from the askari bank with the help of the serial number and the nature of the account and arrange all these in a proper sequence, after I have checked the activities of the employees in which the check title, amount, date, etc. I also wrote names on cheque books along their IDs.

Week 2

In second week of internship I also perform various tasks that help me for my future career. I spend my second week in lockers department. They taught me about the instructions and requirements about the lockers. They gave me information about the lockers that there are three sizes in lockers, small, large and medium. They also taught me about the documentations, that as soon as customer wants to gain the locker, the following points must be in consideration. The account of customer must have in any branch of askari bank rather than any other bank. Bank prefers to give the lockers to only those customers that have adequate amount in their accounts. Two passport size pictures and one copy of ID is attached with the customer locker debit card. Bank has no concern that which types of things customer put in their lockers. During my tenure in locker department my activity includes that; I receive the mails from the GPO, LAPARDS, OCS and TCS, written down in the register and give all these mails to their owners and take their signature on the mail receiving register. My activity also includes the Photo copies of different documents along with scanning of few. I also received posts.

Week 3

In third week of my internship I spent all my time in the account opening department. I learn how to open the account of salaried and non-salaried people. He guided me that how to open the account, account opening process. I learn that as when customer opens the account firstly they provides their source of income slip. If the customer is a salaried person then he gives his salary slip of last month with one copy of his national ID card number, but if the customer is not a salaried class means he is student and depend upon his guardian then he give the copy of his national ID card number, copy of student Id card and last month salary of his father. I also open the accounts of many customers. Account may be singly or jointly. In case of joint accounts there must exist a blood relationship between both the customers otherwise it is not acceptable. The most important information I learn from this department is about the awareness of types of accounts. Bank offers seven different types of accounts. First one is current account; there is no profit and loss in this account.

SWOT Analysis of the Baking Sector


Customer’s Emphasis

The branch that is limited to a localized geographic region tends to support customers more closely. They were received and the hospitality is appreciable. This becomes a positive point for the business so that customers can relate this factor as a positive attribute compared to market competitorsNumbers of products and services. The provision of a variety of alternatives to customers is a benefit to have a competitive environment. Especially in the banking sector where competition is too much. Therefore, the bank is offering both clients, which guarantees that all customers traveling in the bank have something for you.

Few But Satisfied Customers

A small or limited number of clients is also a possibility that can provide them with an incipient and individual process to solve their problems and queries, Rapid potential growth. An organization that has great growth potential without a market. It is continuously improving the values of its investment, assets and profit margin within the limited time period. Or simple occurred within the branch, once the deposits are tremendously increased and as insurance policies are growing fast.


Less Commitment of Employees

The employees seemed to be not very committed to the organization. Just focus on completing the goals to keep your jobs and the incentive for personal benefits. They also used to send their CV to any other job offer, which is considered good in our field, but from the individual benefits, as an organization is a weakness. Less walk in customersNext, let’s see the point of failure of our customers. As compare with other branches, our branch was observed as a less busy bank. Or there is no accounting opening department that provides customers in their contacts for the purpose of their functional objectives.

Limited Capacity

The branch had limited capacity to handle customers and the furniture was not enough to accommodate enough customers during peak hours. The team was also uncomfortable due to a confusion created with people.


Going awareness and trust of banks. As students develop in the present day, they are interested in gaining knowledge about the services of the work groups and have to try to help. Therefore, our subsidiary can increase its brand equity and create loyal customers, provide that they expect them to spread a good word of mouth and as people trust our branchIslamic banking alternatives. The articles are also modified for Islamic references based on halal media of bank techniques approved by sharia. It also allows the bank to attract a number of clients who otherwise resisted when dealing with a bank. Growing potential savings sector As Pakistan is a poor country of rich people. So, as people do not feel secure to keep the money in their files, they prefer the bank instead. This is an opportunity for the bank in which there is no bank in the clients, initiating an awareness among them. This task is also very difficult because customers have tried something new and have relied on their money.


Multiple powerful competitors. The most powerful threat is undoubtedly the existence of extremely competitive banks and investments that have the right to work in the Pakistan market. They are so dynamic and flexible that they tend to increase intense pressure on our organization

Unexpected Natural Disasters

Unexpected natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc. are so unpredictable that an uncertainty of problems and events can become a great success. Or system is not self-sufficient to an extent of survival, like huge crashes, so it can be a very bad situation for our business.

Conclusions Derived From the Internship Experience

A person who does or likes to do repetitive tasks can be successful as a banker. A person should be able to deal with the stress and pressure to exist peacefully in the bank. A person should be flexible with schedules and able to compensate in the balance of professional life. A person should try to communicate more openly, as well as build long-term relationships with clients to get professionals. General observations about banking the sector The general observations on the banking sector I have observed include the following

  1. I observed the formal audit of an organization and learned the level of anxiety and stress.
  2. People depend heavily on the bank these days, they are usually relieved and also out of necessity.
  3. If you have less pressure and family responsibilities, you can easily handle the work of the banking industry as well as your life successfully.
  4. Banks are very busy, especially for hours and days.
  5. You should get involved in your personal career development and never start moving to better opportunities. Apply for other jobs in addition to being an employee of the organization.


The Askari bank is a very good bank in all points of view. More than some suggestions that suggest some problems and solutions in problem solving. During the work, analyze the need to improve as working conditions of the branch. Since modern technologies of centralization are to be adopted. The places where the customers are are easily found and are the same. I would ask to organize the offices and manage workshop for regular updated knowledge of products and services. Since banks are higher than equity, the bank must take further steps to improve net worth and reduce the debt.


The following are the some positive suggestion & recommendation for the AKBL;

  • In my opinion the transaction process should be short so that the time is saved for both the customers and the bank.
  • Staff strength should be optimized and professional qualified persons should be hired on the basis of merit. To sustain the job satisfaction, AKBL needs to offer promotions and incentives from time to time.
  • Environment and Atmosphere should be more renovated and decorated at the Branch offices.
  • The bank should spend more on renovation of the branches to improve environment and atmosphere to attract the customers.
15 April 2020

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