Respect Against Discrimination

I for one stand with the community, I believe LGBTQIA+ rights are human rights. They face struggles to put their sexual orientation as a norm in our society. I, and others, deem and seek for respect within one another, ally or not. As long as each person respects the views and opinions of one the other concerning this rising issue, all will be at ease. For me the best thing to happen is to have a unisex restroom. So we have male and female restrooms, right? Now we make an extra restroom for the LGBTQ folks where all of them will use it. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders all together in one room so that they also have their own privacy and their is also assurance that women will also have their privacy due to their separate restrooms.

As time passes by, people begin to understand and develop themselves as individuals and create own new concepts based on their own way of living. Unlike the past where only male and female genders exist, people start to come up with different genders in our present time. People who do not consider themselves attracted to their opposite sex or are attracted to both are now under or are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

At first, it was only LGBT that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. But then, various genders started to add to the acronym with progressing and dynamic changes that our society continues to develop. Some consider the community as people who are mentally unstable because it's just not normal to other people's insight. Some members of the community say that you don't fall in love with the gender, you fall in love with the personality'.To localize, the Philippines has a high number of members of the community but not everyone accepts the community with open arms as some are still leaning towards their Christian beliefs that only man and woman can tie their bond through marriage. Equality and/or equal rights are what the members aim to achieve in the modern society. More and more issues as well as harmful words are being thrown towards the members. Discrimination is very evident when it comes to the acceptance of LGBTQIA+ community, take for example this years PRIDE 2019 held in Metro Manila, a lot of protesters were present during the event that was supposed to be a safe place for those part of the community. It is saddening that people don’t have the freedom to express who they really in an event that was meant to give them the freedom to. But despite these obstacles that the community faces these days, the gradual increase of awareness proves how strong the impact of people especially through social media which actually sheds light to a world that seems like darkness would continuously reign. One great example of improvement towards equal right is the Senate Bill No.1271, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or SOGIE Equality Bill, also known as the Anti-Discrimination Bill is an anti-discrimination for individuals that are being during job interviews, public and private health services, education and training institutions professions and licenses. This serves as a protection to avoid gender-based discrimination against the LGBT COMMUNITY where they are prohibited and revoke to other benefits.In spite of the good benefits if the senates don't signed it is useless, furthermore, even if the president have signed and agreed to it if the senates denied it,their will be no possibility to have this kind of benefit for those who belong to the LGBT COMMUNITY. I hope that this bill would be passed in the senate for us to lessen the way others look down on the LGBTQIA+ community and not judge someone based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

There are many issues that the LGBT community are facing right now, just like what happened to a transgender woman recently at the farmer's mall in Cubao her name is 'Gretchen Diez', in her case she was about to enter the girls comfort room and suddenly the janitress came and stops her to go inside the girls comfort rooms the janitress said to 'Gretchen Diez 'that she could not go inside the girls comfort room and suddenly the janitress said that she could not enter in the girls comfort room maybe the janitress thinks that she is still a man biologically, some of the transgender women usually go to comfort room where they feel better and safe. But it goes unlikely to the janitress it is a policy in the mall where she is working so that the janitress forced 'Gretchen Diez' to come out but she did not notice that Gretchen was taking a video at that moment. The janitress said a lot of harsh things,against her and to the LGBT community and the video shows how the janitress hurt Gretchen Diez until they arrived at the police station. Afterward Gretchen Diez was set free but Gretchen Diez says she will report the mall as well as the janitress for discriminating her. The issue about a transgender that was imprisoned because of wanting to go in the ladies' comfort room, some people expressed their opinions about the happened event. Several women do not agree of transgenders using the ladies' comfort room because there might be men who would pretend to be transgender just to peep on ladies. According to the LGBT, they are also experiencing scurrility whenever they are going to the men's comfort room.

I think there is nothing wrong about the genders but the people who are still close-minded and are mistreating the LGBT. Some people just need to learn how to respect. Transwomen should have their own comfort rooms because everyone deserves to feel safe and to be free from suffering any discrimination. LGBTQ are all over, not only in our country but all over the world they can be one of your family member, one of your friends or even your partner in life. We should accept the reality that we lived in a world that every person must have their own freedom to choose the path that they want to, nothing to be scared on what they are. They are an art of God that may not choose their role in our society but at least they express who really they are, they are also humans, they also need to be loved, to be respected, and especially acceptance on what they are.

07 September 2020
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