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Review Of The Alternative Classification Of Motivation

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Types Of Motivation

“Motivation is the reason for people’s actions, desires and needs. ” It is a driving force for people to behave in a particular way and to strive to achieve a certain goal. If we are not motivated we will have no will power to work and put effort in a particular job. Motivation is related with not only personal aspects but it can be seen as a bigger picture involving motivation used in business which helps to build a better workforce. Motivation has divisions such as intrinsic, extrinsic, achievement, power, social, etc. Ignoring the basic classification, there are a few types of motivation that we need and we come across on a daily basis without noticing them.

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  1. “Get out of bed” motivation:
  2. The morning alarm is the most despicable sound for everyone. Unless you’re a morning lark, it is not possible to go on with a few hours of sleep without tapping the snooze button a few times. Thinking about the most important thing to do during the day is the best way to motivate yourself to open your eyes and jump out of bed.

  3. “Work-out and eat healthy” motivation:
  4. Exercising and eating right regularly solely depends on our mood and our will power of trying not to eat another bar of chocolate or lazing on the couch all day. It is difficult to follow this if we do not have proper motivation to guide us such as a friend or a colleague who is a fitness freak. Functions, parties and important events such as a wedding taking place in the family also motivate us to loose those few extra pounds to fit in that pretty dress.

  5. “Study” motivation:
  6. All students share this mutual habit of procrastinating till the exams come up or the deadline for an assignment arrives. Some strong motivation is needed here such as being serious about the grades or having clear views regarding one’s career. Youngsters usually get influenced by their peers and they pass on such habits which hinder the motivation process. One needs to be focussed and very particular about their own goals.

  7. “Sleep” motivation:
  8. The ideal amount of sleep of 6-8 hours a day has become a luxury for most college students these days who study or party overnight and sleep for 3 hours before their classes. Sleep deprivation has negative impacts on motivation. If a person does not get enough sleep then they will be tired and thus, they will not have the required will power to do anything. People should be motivated to sleep keeping in mind that not getting enough sleep can affect their work.

  9. “Cleaning up” motivation:
  10. There are days when you are motivated to clean up your room, your closet, and your personal belongings. Looking at how messy the room is, is motivating enough for anyone to clean up unless they are unhygienic and comfortable with the clutter. But again there are days when you do not want to get out of bed and do anything at all. These are the days when you need to push yourself, get into the shower and tidy up and then clean up your space. Undeniably, cleaning your own space before doing anything else does motivate you and makes you more energetic.

  11. “Go out when you would rather stay in” motivation:
  12. Sometimes we become so lazy that we do not want to go out or have fun and we would prefer staying at home in our pyjamas. This happens when we do not want to socialize or when we become introverted. In such cases we need motivation such as knowing that we are missing out on some potential adventure or friend time by staying in and being lonely. Getting dressed and going out does feel like a task when we are tired but no one wants to miss out on fun.

These types of motivation are usually ignored as we come across them on a daily basis. Most of them are forced or come under fear, power, affiliation or attitude motivation. It varies from person to person. We need to be motivated continuously otherwise our will power will be weak. It is basically the push that is needed for us to go on the right track. I too have required motivation or forced motivation to be precise, various times whether it was regarding working out, studying or the pumping motivation which was needed when I realised that I’m no more a child and I needed to start handling things like a grown up.

18 May 2020

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