Review Of The Book The Maze Runner


The maze runner is the first book in the five part series created by James Dashner. The book takes place with the main character Thomas. Thomas finds himself in a maze surrounded by other teenage boys with no memory of how he got there. As the book progresses Thomas learns about the other boys and the roles they take care of in order to maintain their society, he immediately sets his eyes on being a Runner. Runners are the boys who map out the maze to find a way out. As Thomas works his ways up to being a runner he begins making friends and begin to feel as if he fits in. After a few days of Thomas being in the maze things begin to change and people begin questioning Thomas and turning on him. Parts of Thomas’ memories begin coming back which prompt some startling information and plot twists. The book ends leaving you wondering what will happen next.

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I loved the series although the first book was kind of slow, but I think it was explaining and setting up for the second book that was by far my favourite of all the books. The Maze Runner had lots of plot twists and always kept me guessing. I got very emotionally attached to the characters and I was very sad with the way the series ended. I would recommend the series to people who like fictional books and enjoy active reading and enjoy reading series. The Maze Runner is a combination of Lord Of The Flies and The Hunger Games. I give this book a 10/10.

31 October 2020

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