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Self-Reflection On Test Preparation And Anxiety

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As exam time gets closer, one thing I notice that I do is I begin to study prominently hard. Seldomly, I tend to over study. Or I tend to become anxious and feel like I will not do well on the test. My emotion during the test tends to vary. Sometimes, when I take a test I feel calm, and other days I am nervous. Throughout the test, I try my best to stay calm and remember the material. Majority of the time I say a silent prayer to myself when I begin my test and ace the test every time. When it comes to taking tests, I have trouble focusing on the time. Sometimes, when I am taking a test I feel as if I am moving to slow. Then someday when I study vigorously I feel assured and accomplished. So, I tend to study hard, so I will make myself feel confident. The night before a test, or an exam I try my best to get at least eight to ten hours of sleep. So, when I am well-rested I am more confident and don’t feel like I have to rush when I take my test.

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The night before a test I usually feel very excited then sometimes anxious. My emotions tend to deal with the subject I’m being tested on. Like such as, I might be a little nervous to take a trigonometry test rather an English exam. Then some nights when I have studied for a couple of days I am calm and ready to take the test the next day. The morning of a test I usually feel very confident and prepared to take the test. I wake up eat breakfast and head on my day. I tend to practice and study on my way to school. Studying in the morning tends to help me out a vast amount. Once I get to school I give myself a little swift break. Then once I have walked to the classroom I briefly stare over my notes. Once I do the last step I’m always prepared and ready.

During the test, I feel confident and prepared. I’m focusing on the material and getting all my answers filled. After the test, I fill relieve and happy and prepared to find out my score. After the test, I tend to try to relax my mind and focus on what is next. Sometimes I do work for other classes or I tend to rest my head. When I learn a test score I usually feel, happy. The reason for me being happy is because I know by then I have made a one-hundred. I more than likely made the passing score that I I desired in the beginning. Therefore, I tend to become happy when I find out my score.

01 April 2020

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