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Smoking Advertisements Pose A Threat For The Future Of Youth

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Advertising things that are injurious to health is not a good thing. Promoting safe and healthy lifestyle choices is an increasing concern for health authorities because companies today are promoting things are not good for one’s health. In today’s society people are diverted to the foreign things that are harmful such as alcohol, e-cigarette, and cigarettes. However some adolescents are targeted by having a young person doing an ad. For a specific brands and also companies make actor or actress to do the ad in order people look at them and think if they can be handsome and smoking at the same time why not I try it. Blu plus+ is an e-cigarette brand which really touchs out to youth and older people specifically.

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Some advertisers put a positive impact on the audience mind by making actor and actress to do their ads, to audience to feel the proud of smoking and being handsome at the same time. Talked about in the article explaining that how cessation themed advertising is targeted to get attention from the youth smokers “Resumption-themed advertising is targeted preferentially to recruit youth smokers. The 2 social media channels chosen for this study have sizable youth user bases. In 2014, 58% of US youth used Facebook, and 19% used their pre acquisition marketing practice, including cessation themes. ” This explains that how pausing the smoking lead to death looking scene so, they start the habit again to cure the pain which is like to putting yourself into hell. This also explains that U. S youth is targeted by the social media through their generated ads by the companies paying for the ad.

The next article by Kathryn Trees- Murdoch University Mobile Media: Communicating with and by Indigenous youth about alcohol- This paper argues for the use of mobile media technology and youth engagement in creating health promotion messages aimed at young people. It also provides an account of researchers and Indigenous people and organisations workingtogether to build skills beyond the specific research. It does this by drawing on an evaluation of an alcohol awareness campaign carried out by Goolarri Media via television and radio. A key issue for health promotion campaigns concerns the most effective ways to engage the target audience. The consultancy study results highlighted a disjuncture between the opinions of adults and youth in regard to the appropriateness of the Goolarri alcohol awareness campaign format for the youth audience. The consultancy also identified a change from television viewing and radio listening to the use of mobile phone technology by those local youth interviewed. This says “One idea that arose during the consultancy was to have a competition for youth to develop anti-drinking mobile media messages. The consultants also discussed with the focus group facilitator a possible mobile phone social networking application to assist young people to keep track of friends who might be drinking to excess and need assistance (for instance, a lift home). From the author’s experiences with Indigenous youth, family and peer relationships are arguably the most important aspects of their lives and mobile technologies facilitate these interactions, providing 24-hour access to each other. ”this explains how people were told to keep track how many of their friends were drinking and how many are not drinking.

The article “Regulation profiles of e-cigarettes in the United States: a critical review with qualitative synthesis” talks about how Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have been steadily increasing in popularity since their introduction to US markets in 2007. Debates surrounding the proper regulatory mechanisms needed to mitigate potential harms associated with their use have focused on youth access, their potential for nicotine addiction, and the renormalization of a smoking culture. The objective of this study was to describe the enacted and planned regulations addressing this novel public health concern in the US. Despite these concerns, e-cigarettes have largely evaded regulation given the ambiguity surrounding their classification as tobacco products, consumer products, or medical devices.

Our objective was to conduct a critical review of current and planned legislation targeting e cigarettes at the US federal and state levels, in the aim of describing the different regulatory approaches that will inform the future availability of and access to e-cigarettes. As the article talks about how “ In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Department of Health and Human Services attempted toregulate e-cigarettes as drug-delivery devices under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. In a judgement dated December 2010, the federal appeals court ruled that the FDA could not regulate e-cigarettes as such, unless the product was marketed as a smoking cessation tool or a therapeutic device. Instead, the court ruled that e cigarettes would be considered as tobacco products under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, which allows the FDA to oversee products derived from tobacco, including nicotine. ” this explains how FDA was regulating the e cigarettes but overruled the decision so they can’t do it anymore but the good thing is they put e cigarettes in a drug category because it has nicotine which is harmful for young people because stops developing one’s brain. This is how the young people can buy e cigarettes that are harmful and injurious to their health because they had no restrictions to it.

At the end, I just want to say that advertisements to youth about smoking are putting our future in danger because one time if they get used to it they will keep going which should not happen because drugs are good for life they destroys everything from your life to your loved ones’ so, I think smoking advertisement should be stopped in a way.

18 March 2020

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