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Statistical Behavior Of Time Dynamics Evolution Of HIV Infection

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The major research component to this article is to discuss the distinct phases that are characterized by an HIV infection. The logic being used in the research component of this study is based off of research done to understand the behavior of the infection, and how it continues to affect cells, infecting them in the process. Examples are also given about the destruction of the structures and the dynamics that changed in the formation of the cells. The method used by the researchers was experimental, research was done on people with HIV, and there was examination done on the cells infected. The participants in the experiment were probably young people who received the infection and wanted to use it so more studies can be done on the infection itself.

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The people involved with the study had to go through the stages of the evolution of the disease, from first contact with the body, all the way until the final phase where AIDS is established. The researchers found the proper information to discuss the damage caused to the body, and the destruction caused to the cell structures within the body. The data collected from the study show the cross correlation between matrices, and the structures are completed by the HIV in about 200 weeks, which is demonstrated in diagrams received from the study. Their findings show the process of HIV, and how it is slowly converted into aids when the structure of the lattice is redesigned with its new parts.

This showed me how our human psychology can be confused by unknown diseases to our body, and our cells can be replaced by new ones that will do harm to our body, but our cells will evolve with it thinking its a part of the body. The practical implications of this study show the damage that can be created to our body with this infection.

My impression of the article is that it is too heavy with data, for someone who is not educated in human biology this would be too dense to understand making most of the information useless since it is not a part of our vocabulary. The studies should be done and described in a way that would be understood by a more wide audience and not directly towards someone who is already educated in the topic. More research would have to be done to understand this article in its entirety, which this would defeat the purpose of the article being informative since the information is invalid to those not educated in biology.

Although, to the right audience this article provides sufficient surveys, and experiments done on the disease itself to get a further understanding of the process. There is great depth in the article with many graphs and visual representations of everything from beginning to the end. Also since many studies have been carried out on this, there is more evidence besides whats given to come to conclusions since hard evidence is given.

15 July 2020

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