Stephen Hawking: Life and Achievements

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Stephen Hawking was born 8 January 1942 and died 14 of March 2018. Stephen Hawking was a Scientist and author who wrote books that helped people in the science field. At 21 years of age Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS which meant he only had 3 years to live so he wanted to do as much as he could do. So he did by getting a PhD. He also made a theory about black holes this theory was called Hawking’s Radiation.But as everyone knows Stephen hawkings didn’t die at 24 from ALS.

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Stephen hawkings had many attributes one of his attributes was that he was always very consistent even when he got AlS which meant he only had a few years to live he just continued to work on his theories and book. To help the field of science. Even when some of his books failed he continued to write amazing books. The same thing applies to his theories.

Stephen Hawking was also very grateful for everything that he had. That was also one of the reasons he became a part-time author. Being an author was one of the ways he showed how grateful he was for everything he had. He became an author so he could make the science field more accessible for adults and kids alike In the science field. He also made theories to help the people of this world to learn about their universe.

Stephen Hawkings

Stephen Hawking’s biggest achievement was probably his black hole theory which suggests that black holes emit radiation later on this was known as Hawking radiation. Another thing he’s known for is his books. You see Stephen Hawking is a part-time author and one of his biggest books is a brief history of everything. This book is a brief summary of everything that has happened from the Big Bang and up.

one of Stephen Hawking’s biggest problems were that he was disabled and he had ALS at one point. ALS is a type of Diagnosis that he had this meant that he had three years to live which was one of his biggest problems but since he took his pills every week. He didn’t die of als. He also was disabled as you probably already know. This meant that he had problems with talking to people.He also had a bad vision so which meant that he had to wear glasses and he would need someone to clean it for him because of his disability.

Stephen Hawking has made many changes one of the biggest changes was in the Science field. He made a very popular theory that black holes emit radiation of some sort this theory was very popular because it was the first of its kind. This theory, later on, was known as Hawking’s raddition. Hawking’s raddition really changed the field of science. Because it was suggesting that black holes emit radiation which made people. Come up with brand new ideas which would change how people think of Black holes. Stephen hawking’s books also changed the field of science in a big way his books would make science more accessible to everyone. One of his biggest books known as a brief summary of everything like the name suggests this book is a brief summary of everything from the Big Bang and up.

I think the people of today really admire everything Stephen hawkings has done for us. Stephen hawkings has shown us that you can do anything you want with enough practice and hope. He also shows that disabled people can do stuff to like making some of the biggest theories and books.

His Parents

His parents would be so proud of everything he has done from his theories to his books and just in general. His parents always wanted their kid to become famous and known for something that would change the world for years to come, and that’s what happened.

I think Stephen hawkings was probably one of the biggest and best leaders of all time. He made such big changes in the science field his theories would change the ways we see space and black holes completely. Suggesting that black holes emit radiation is just so smart. I also think it’s really cool that Stephen hawkings did all this and he’s disabled which really shows how disabled people can also do anything a normal person can do.  

24 May 2022

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