Combating Suicide: Measures for Prevention and Intervention

Suicide is a serious public health problem in the world with people that they kill their own self to end their pain. They suffer from pain and their problems that they turn to suicide as an answer to everything. The numbers of suicide in the world were more than 800,000 in the year of 2012. People commit suicide because they cannot deal with their problems and cannot face the harsh reality of their life. It becomes their only hope of escaping their problems so they will no longer feel any pain or suffer from it. In this “suicide” essay will be an attempt to reveal this issue. Reaching out to others for support can help them in changing their mindset about suicide and turn the other way for help instead of suicide.


Suicide is a serious worldwide problem that people need to understand. Suicide is someone killing his or her own life because they could not take the pain or their problems anymore but they want to end their suffering. It is up to their mind to deal with everything that is happening to them because the mind controls the actions of the body and thoughts. Suicide is the result of the unbearable mental suffering and pain of the people because they made it their choice. Every year people commit suicide and it affects the lives of their loved ones. According to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), over 800,000 people died due to suicide every year. Suicide is not the answer to people’s problems and that is why people should know the causes, symptoms, and ways to prevent it from happening again.

The Cause for Suicide

The first cause of suicide is mental problems. Suicide is a major disorder that started from a person’s mind and the way they acted upon their problems and pain that leads them to taking their own life. Psychological analyses from the middle of the previous century and onwards have revealed that most people who have died by suicide have suffered from mental disorders. When people develop mental problems it is hard to understand them because of the way they act toward everything they come across even to people. It is basically the way they receive message and the way they think that makes it so hard for them to deal with their problems. When people have a lot on their mind it causes them to think and react in a different way that they think would solve their problems or end their pain. Having a lot on their mind will cause them to commit suicide because their minds are unstable during the moment. It will cause them to switch things and turn things the other way around. Not every time people with mental problems will commit suicide, but if they do, they made it their only choice.

Everyday people deals with depression and some cannot take it. “Depression use disorders, mostly alcohol, are the most prevalent diagnoses among suicide victims.” Depression is feeling down and losing pleasure and lack of energy in things. It starts from a person’s mind and it changes their mood and feelings about everything. When people are depressed, they have hopeless thoughts about their future. They do not have enough sleep and keep having bad thoughts about their problems. Depression is having a lot on a person’s mind but have no one to talk or share to about what is happening to them. They will feel lonely sometimes and start blocking themselves from others. When people have the feeling of loss or too much work and not enough time, it all comes down to depression. The feeling of depress will make them feel worthless and think that suicide is the only way to deal with it.

Relationship is another reason why people no longer want to live anymore. People always say “happy relationship, happy life”, which means when they have a good relationship with someone it builds up the good feeling inside them and they will live a healthy because there will be no worries, but when people have problems with relationship they tend to get into argument and into depression that leads to suicide. “This chilling finding is perhaps the most dramatic illustration to date of the powerful effect that relationships have on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.” When someone special passes away, the feeling of missing him or her will affect their families, friends and people who love them. Not being able to see, touch, hear, or feel them break most of people’s heart and it is a space in their heart that can never be fill by anyone. Separation in a relationship can be a big effect on people’s lives too when they deeply love that person but can no longer be with them so it leads them to suicidal thoughts. Especially when he or she is so close to that significant person and they become so attached to them. That person can be addicted of their presence of having the same person every time around them. They depend on that person they loved deeply but all of a sudden the relationship ends can result in bad actions like committing suicide. There will be thoughts that will make them feel unwanted and have a lot of questions on their minds. The feeling of not important will make them no longer want to live. The heart can take so much but when someone gives up they no longer want to live. The feeling of missing that person that they love will break them down because they cannot find that feeling anywhere else with anyone, or so they think. So death was their only option or they made it their only choice of escaping difficulties.

They say money is power and people can do more when they have a lot of money. When it comes down to financial it is a real problem in every family. It can stress people out because they rely on money to buy the things they want in order for them to live, especially when they have responsibilities inside their family. “Being unable to pay essential bills and getting further into debt has definitely increased my level of anxiety and depression, so much so that I have had suicidal thoughts.” Money is the main cause of suicidal in families because they have things to take care of like the bill, food, clothes and their children’s need. Everything seems to rely on money and that’s why financial is important. When people do not have that much they tend to think that there is no hope and reason of living instead of finding a way to solve it, especially when their family is in need. They will feel like they did not put in enough work to put food on the table and provide for everything, so they suffer from seeing their loved ones in needs but they could not do anything. These can lead to suicide because people will feel like they are not good and hopeless, especially when they are not in the right state of mind.

Preventing Suicide

Knowing the symptoms of suicide is important because it will be easy to find ways to prevent it and understand the situation even more. People can tell that someone is having intentions of committing suicide by the symptoms they notice. The first symptom of suicide is when a person is always talking about suicide. Another symptom is when a person has suicidal thought that every time they think of committing suicide and act on it. It is always the first thing on their mind when they are giving up on life or having a hard time coping with things. The last symptom is them talking by themselves. They block everyone from involving in their lives because they cannot trust anyone but them. It is a mental problem sometimes because it is not normal for us to talk to ourselves all the time like a crazy person. They need help and the only way you can help is reaching out to them.

Preventing suicide by reaching out for support is one way to reduce people from committing suicide. Reaching out for them will make them feel wanted and special knowing that there are people who care about them. Every life matters and people should reach out to help and save lives. Give them good vibes and try to make them forget whatever made them want to commit suicide. You can offer support, but you can’t make a suicidal person get better. He or she has to make a personal commitment to recovery. Prevention will only work too if the person is willing to accept the help that has been offer. Never leave them alone because that is when deep thoughts and overthinking becomes wrong.

Another way is to get them involved in sports or a party to cheer them up and try to give them hope to let them know that there is so much blessing out there waiting for them. Spend time with their family and friends and do what makes them feel happy. The most powerful prevention is the word of GOD. Make them realize that the life they live is not theirs but it is a gift from God. The word of god will always give peace in peoples mind. There are so much more in the bible that will help them understand that life will always be hard but God work in miracle ways and suicide is not the answer to their problem, God is.


When I was in high school I had a friend that committed suicide and it was a burden not only for his family but his friends too. I never thought about suicide and neither takes it seriously until one of my close friend committed suicide. He was always a happy person, always smiling when deep down behind that smile, he was suffering. It was hard to except that he was gone, especially when we were so close to graduating together. Suicide is a serious problem and we should prevent and take it serious when we see symptoms. Over the years, people have been committing suicide due to mental problems of having a lot on their mind. So it becomes a burden for them of not being able to manage it. Another reason is depression from work and having a lot of responsibility also pressure people. When it comes to financial, money is one reason for people to feel pressure. Money is important now days and without it people seems hopeless to the point they do not want to live. The last major reason of suicide is relationships, from heart breaks to losing someone; the heart can only take so much. The feeling of missing someone and feeling lonely will give them suicidal thoughts. The symptom of suicide first is when someone is always talking about suicide. It tells you that he or she is having the feeling of suicide. Another symptom is them blocking people from their lives and always talking by themselves. You can help a friend or someone by reaching out for them and provide help. Create a program for them to save a life. Make them feel special and give them hope if you can. Spend time and try to understand them as much as you can. Last but not least, is to preach them the word of God to save them and make them understand that you only live once, and suicide is not the answer. Make the best of everything you do and be strong.      

10 October 2022
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