Super Bowl Commercials As Great Chance For Advertisers

 Super Bowl commercials are the most coveted chance for advertisers to show their ads on-air since it is a tremendous event in the United States. During 2018 Super Bowl Lll, about 103.4 million viewers watched the live game on television (Otterson 2018). Amazon’s ad “Alexa Loses Her Voice,” winning the top in USA Today’s Ad Meter, delivers their message in 90-seconds by using the “dark side” of consumption, learning-technique, cognitive decision-making, and post purchase stage in the consumption process.

Amazon’s ad “Alexa Loses Her Voice” is all about no one can fill Alexa’s place even though they are Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, or Anthony Hopkins. It begins where Alexa in the bathroom loses her voice while giving weather information. A breaking news announces Alexa’s voice lost, and the actual CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos questions to a female worker, “how is that even possible?” She answers that they have back up plan with a frown on her face, then the four famous celebrities step in, trying to answer for Alexa when people call her. Ramsay berates as usual and yells at a man asking Alexa for a recipe of a grilled cheese sandwich. Cardi B wonders who would want to go to Mars when a teen asks how far it is to Mars. Wilson talks dirty and creepy to a man who wants to set the mood at his party, and Cardi B again, when a man asks Alexa to play some country music, plays her famous song “Bodak Yellow” instead. I found the most funniest moment of the commercial where she remains silence when the guy asked to play country music. Hopkins, sitting in a yard where peacocks around, denies a woman who is trying to call her friend. After these miserably failing, the real hero, Amazon Alexa returns as the background music changes to Carly Simon’s “Nobody does it better.”

The advertisement itself is extremely creative and well uses sense of humor and choice of casts to target all gender, ethnic/race, and age. The targeted audience was all the viewers who was watching the Super Bowl, whether they own the Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) products or not, to laugh while enjoying their favorite celebrities playing Alexa’s role; however, the main purpose of the ad is to prove there is only one Alexa that no one can replace. Consumer and social were affected by using “dark side” of what-if situation Amazon A.I. system without Alexa. Not only the celebrities cannot replace her, but also with other competitors like Apple Home-Pod and Google Home would not. The consumers would desire cognitive decision making. Majority of people might have known of the Amazon’s A.I. products such as Echo series. This ad also informs about the features of the Amazon’s products with Alexa and show varieties of their products: Echo Dot, Speaker, Show, and Studio. New consumers may desire the need/want of these Amazon’s products after finding all the great features explained in the ad.

After watching this ad during the 2018 Super Bowl, I found it as a funny and creative advertising that Amazon has made. Even just running an ad during the Super Bowl is a brilliant idea where hundreds of millions of people are watching. Amazon chose to cast the world famous celebrities to share the sympathy of irreplaceable Alexa is. Targeted all gender, age and race in lifestyle usage of Amazon’s A.I. products, the importance of Alexa delivers the message of this ad. I was persuaded, and it convinced me to search more about the Amazon’s products. Before watching the commercial, I never saw their product where it has screen that could be used to video chat or show recipe of foods. I was now more interested to purchase one of Amazon’s products that this advertising worked for me and for many others. According to Nicolas Mejia, there were over 43 million views of the commercial, and intent to purchase Alexa increased by 4% which shows how impact this commercial was. “This contributed to a 300% lift in sales of Echo devices year on year during Super Bowl weekend” (Mejia). To conclude, Amazon has accomplished the purpose of “Alexa Loses Her Voice,” as the sales of its products increased, apprising and promoting its products with humorous tale at the same time. 

07 July 2022
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