The Brief History About Science Of Quran

Sciences of Quran

Brief History:

The Quran is the sacred book which Muslims recite and turn to for guidance in all aspects of their life. It is the last Holy Book in a series of divine revelations from Allah SWT. It comprises the unaltered and direct words of Allah SWT, revealed through the Angel Jibrael, to the final Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) some 1400 years ago. Islam is a continuation of the teachings of previous Prophets, such as Nooh, Ibrahim, Daud, Moosa and Isa (peace be upon them all), some of whom were also given divine books.

Muslims believe that the key message brought by all Prophets was the same; to believe One God and to notassociate partners with Him, to stay away from sins and to steer a life dedicated to earning Gods pleasure.

All Prophets instructed concerning life once death and gave glad news of paradise for people who adjust God, but warned of punishment in hell for those who choose to disobey Him.

The Quran is exclusive as a result of it's the sole discovered book that exists nowadays within the precise kind and content within which it absolutely was originally discovered.

Furthermore, it was actively recorded during the time the religion was being established. The distinctive approach of the Quran is that its religious message includes sensible injunctions aimed toward the overall welfare of people at large, society and the environment in which we live.

The Qurans message is eternal and universal, transcending our differences in race, color, ethnicity and nationality. It provides steering on each facet of human life, from economics and the ethics of trade to marriage, divorce, gender issues, inheritance and parenting. It neither condemns nor tortures the flesh nor will it neglect the soul.It doesn't change God, nor will it deify man.

The Quran describes signs of Gods existence within the universe and the way everything is fastidiously placed within the total theme of creation.

Quran has been generalized for all mankind to seek help from and no divine book will be revealed now. To help understand Quran better, we can divide it into five sciences through which we can perceive the intended meaning of it.  Those five sciences are as follows:

  • Science of Injunction
  • Science of Disputation
  • Science of Divine Favors
  • Science of Important Events
  • Science of the Day of Judgement

Science of Injunction:

They are the Ahkamat by Allah SWT including all those commands which have been stated in the Quran, concerning with the acts of human beings. Man the thus is either needed associate degreed do} one thing or to refrain from an act or given a selection or given an explicit condition. This also includes the recommended, the approved, the disapproved and the forbidden, covering worships, social dealings, household economy and state politics. 

For example talking about the social dealings one Hadith states that Abu Hurairah related: The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

'Whosoever removes a sophisticated grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the grieves on the Day of Judgment.

Whosoever alleviates lot of a destitute person, Allah will alleviate his lot in this world and the next.

Whosoever conceals the faults of a Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults in this world and the next.

Allah can aid a servant (of His) see you later because the servant aids his brother.'

This hadith states what a Muslim should actually do and how it will benefit him in the long run. Similar to this there are other commands as well which tells us from the acts to refrain from.

There is an example mentioned on the Quran:

“Verily Allah will defend (from ill) those who believe: verily, God loveth not any that is a traitor to faith, or show ingratitude.” (22:38)

This Ayah clearly stated that Allah is not with those who go against the faith and people who do show gratitude because if we show gratitude we will get more.

Moreover, commands like these are also included in the Quran

“Have faith in Allah and His Messenger, and struggle hard in Allah’s way with your property and your lives.” (61:11)

In short the science in Injunction includes all the rules and codes that are required to succeed in this life and the life hereafter.

Science of Disputation:

The science of Disputation deals with the four misguided sects:

  1. 1- The Jews
  2. 2- The Christians
  3. 3- The Polytheists
  4. 4- The Hypocrites

Its discussion and analysis falls within the jurisdiction of dialecticians. Disputation is done in two ways; firstly a clear exposure of the false belief, and its evil effects, and then its denunciation; secondly listing of doubts of these people, and their removal through demonstrativeness and oration.

The Jews

The Jews believed in the Pentateuch, but they erred and changed its injunctions, both in their text and meaning. They concealed some if its verses, and very unjustly, and put something that did not belong there. They also showed extreme religious bigotry by conniving at the bigoted manner of establishment if its injunctions and acting in accordance with them. To them, the mission of the Holy Prophet was far from being possible; their behavior towards him was impolite they would find fault with him. Their perversion did not end here; they even passed contemptible remarks regarding God Himself.

As is commonly known, in every religion a clear distinction is made between a dissolute religions person and an unbeliever who has totally rejected religion. It has been shown that the unbeliever will, forever, remain in Hell suffering painful penalty. The sinner, however, will ultimately come out Hell through the intercession of the Prophets. The Jews held the view that every one of them would straightaway go to paradise; their Prophets, they thought, would intercede for them and deliver them from perdition. If at all A Jew was sent to Hell, he would stay there only for a few days, notwithstanding that there was no injunction of the law to lend support such a theory, and that he had not shown proper faith in God, had no faith in the hereafter and no belief in the mission of the prophet sent to them. This was their gross ignorance and folly.

The Christians

The Christians believed in Jesus Christ. Their error was, that they had divided God in three parts, each different from the other in a certain respect but united in some other respect. They called one as “Father”; he was similar in meaning to the principle of the universe, the other was called “Son”; he was similar to the First emanation which was a general reality and included all eh created things. The third was termed as the “Holy Spirit” and it was similar to the abstract intelligences. They believed the person of the son had put on the dress of the spirit of Jesus. Just as the angel Jibrael had appeared in the shape if a man, similarly the son has appeared in the form of the spirit if Jesus. Thus, Jesus is God, as well as the son of God, and also human being. Therefore, the predictions, both human and divine, were applicable to him, they, in this case, held fast to portions if the Bible’s text wherein the word “son” has been mentioned and where he (Jesus) has attributed performance of some of the Divine acts to himself.


Polytheists described themselves as “Ahnaf” claiming to follow the religion of Ibrahim. Actually Hanafi is one who follows creed of Ibrahim and observes the rituals prescribes by him. But the polytheists had generally abandoned then, and put an end to them. Again unlawful murder, theft, adultery, usury and usurpation were forbidden by Ibrahim’s creed but the Polytheists indulged in these evil practices, having submitted completely to the evil in them. Polytheism means proving existence of attributes, as belong to God alone, in others too. Anthropomorphism means to prove the presence of human attributes in God. They would thus say that the angles were the daughters of God.


As regards to hypocrites, they were of two kinds as follows:

  1. A group which used to utter the word of faith by their tongues while their hearts were obsessed with unbelief and denial of the truth. In relation to them is said: “They will be in the lowest bottom of the Hell”
  2. A group which had embraced Islam but had weak faith. They still followed the customs and systems of their community. If the community were to become Muslim, they would also become Muslim, but if it happened to remain without faith, they too would remain unbelievers. Further, the charms and luxuries of life had completely occupied their hearts and no place was left for the love of God and His Prophets.

Science of Divine Wonders:

Let it be remembered that the Quran was revealed for the purification of the hearts of the people, the Arabs as well as the non-Arabs. The Divine wisdom, therefore required, that in reminding people of the favors of god, they should not be told more than what the majority of them had known about them. Divine Wisdom required that from among the perfect human attributes which people know very well and whose possession is commended and praised by them, some attributes may be selected and employed in place of the abstruse meanings, as human intellect does not have the range to reach the region of their sublimity. “Nothing is like him” is made an antidote for one who is suffering from the disease of complex ignorance.

Science of Important Events

This includes all the events which God took place, favoring the obedient and punishing the disobedient. Allah chose the narration of those stories which people heard in general not the rare case which caused curiosity. For example the cases of Nooh and Ibrahim. He selected such famous stories as could be useful for them in remembering His pleasure and anger; and here too. The stories which came in the Quran repeatedly are the creation of Adam from dust, prostration of angels before him, Satan’s refusal to prostate, the act of doing good deeds and refraining from evil acts. These stories also inform about the Divine punishments towards the unfaithful people and God’s support to His Prophets and their followers. Stories like that of Prophet Daud and Prophet Salman, and miracles worked by them, the afflictions of Prophet Ayyub and Yunus, and the appearance of the Divine mercy for them.

Science of Day of Judgement

This includes about all the description regarding the day of Judgement. Events related to death are mentioned of how the condition of a dying person is, his helplessness at that time and the appearance of Paradise and Hell when he is dead. The signs of resurrection mentioned are: the descent of the Prophet Jesus from the Heaven to the Earth, the coming of the Anti-Christ and of the Gods and the Magoge. When these events have taken place there will be sounded the first blow of the trumpet which will cause universal destruction. Then there will be second blow which will bring all the dead to life, resulting in a gathering and questions answers, the setting up of the balance. Receiving scrolls on the right hands means that you go to Heaven and vice versa. The believers will be blessed with the light of God and the non-believers will undergo various kinds of punishments.   

07 July 2022
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