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The Change Of The Women’S Role In The 1950S

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In the 1950s, the role of women changed a lot, and men recovered from the war and resumed their work. During the Second World War, women accepted men’s work during the war. After the war, many women want to keep their jobs. Those who work professionally are nurses and teachers. But most of the them thought to be housewives that take care of the house and the children.

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Many advertisements in magazines and T.V. show the role of motherhood. They often worry about women because women are usually women who buy products for their homes. T.V. shows how the “Ozzie and Harriet Adventures” should be an example of how a normal “American” life should be set. These ads often show smiling women, their arms are filled with cooked food, or women are cleaning the house, looking happy, satisfied with doing so and nothing else. These are dedicated housewives, and the only goal in their lives is to satisfy the happiness of their husbands and children. Society believes that women meet this role and should be the goal of women. On the contrary, few women fully play this role. New appliances being manufactured allow women to spend less time at home. Then, women can explore other interests besides family and family, such as going to college.

The number of girls entering the university declined in the 1950s. After the war, many women left the university to get married early, while other women who stayed did not plan to find a job. They plan to live a quiet life with their husbands and raising their families after graduating from college. In fact, Female students are encouraged to take special classes to prepare for family life, such as interior decoration and family finance. No matter how the society views it, many women apply for a job. Finding a job requires more work. Because these women put all their time into work, they spend less time at home. Some people are beginning to worry because women are not at home, so they think that children may be deprived of their parents’ rights. The husband is not always at home because he may have left the city. Life continues without the wife buying all the items at home and earning all the financial status of the family. The husband bought the groceries, because he has a car, he can also drive his children. Since the husband has been working, the wife will have to do a lot of manual work around the house. These changes in the family may not be considered positive, but they are targeted at women.

In conclusion, women did make progress in the 1950s, looking for new jobs and finding their place in society. Not necessarily the role of a happy and helpful housewife, but the role of a woman who helps and transcends social standards in war. In war and danger, she has always maintained a family, such as the Great Depression. After the war, she has maintained her role in society and the courage to face the new United States.

11 February 2020

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