The Choice Between Religion And Freedom

Many years ago tyrant leaders would set unfair laws and the civilians would just have to follow them. Majority of civilians could no longer tolerate these unfair laws. Today laws are different and they more lenient compared to puritan and they offer more freedom. The leaders/kings where harsh and cruel when it came to punishing the person who broke the law. The majority of laws during the puritan time all correlated to the specific religion of the area. Often people where punished for not following the same religion.

During the puritan times people almost walking on egg shells if they disagreed with society. The main problem with the puritan time was that nobody wanted change and they wanted to live with the same traditions. Sadly, if the people wanted change in views of society they would often be punished. Not only where the laws unfair but so where the punishments. Most of these punishments often involved a form of isolation or humiliation. Somewhere just cruel forms of torture. Some would have nails hammered into their ears and thieves would have the letter T Burned into their hand with a scorching piece of metal. The majority of these punishments where held in the middle of towns to humiliate the person. The laws of today are much more lenient. Most importantly freedom of speech. This is a reason why documents like the Bill of rights and the preamble state the protection of freedom of speech. Another interesting right that was declared on these documents is the freedom to follow or participate in the religion of your choice. These where declared mainly because people were being punished for having different opinions. Today laws are simple and straight forward. If you follow them, you can stay out of trouble but if you break them you will be punished.

Another difference is the punishments. These punishments are simpler and not cruel at all. Except for some states that still have the death penalty. Today when a person commits a crime he is usually punished, but these punishments we not cruel. Some involve community service and others involve parole. The laws that where created in class and their punishment would be similar to the laws of today. The least favorable place to live in would be puritan new England. During this time period the streets where filled with bacteria and trash everywhere and they were a mess. If someone were to live during this time period, they would have to live with tough laws and unfair punishments as forms for people to learn their lesson. These laws where incredibly unfair and completely controlled a peasant’s life. The thing to keep in mind was that if people did not follow the same religion they would punished and these punishments where often cruel. So basically the people living this had no actual right. Many punishments included forms of humiliation and some harmed physically other mentally like isolation. Many often felt like they were forced to do things they did not want and this was because people in this society where forced to participate in a religion. This was because of the fear that they had to god. Many time in hands of an angry gods it refers to god having this unfathomable wicked power. The third least favorable would be, colonial America. It would be very difficult because people have brought the same traditions over from Europe. Depending on the time the kings could still have power even if they were still in England. They forced unfair taxes on the lower income families so the rich would not have to pay as much taxes. These kings often forced people to do horrible things and also very unfair things. Similar to the time when the king forced people to have soldiers in their houses. Another important fact is that if this where to take place after the colonies took over it would be different. After the colonies regained power they were almost living in peace for a while because they created their own set of laws that would be more fair and would treat everybody equally. These set of laws allowed things like freedom of speech and also very important the 2nd amendment, which allows people to bear arms. Freedom of speech was also very important because normally they would be oppressed and punished for speaking out. Something that should also be mentioned was that all the amendments where in favor of the people and these laws were also made to be fair with everyone. An example would be like the Eighth amendment which protects people from cruel forms of punishment.

The second would be Native American north America. Native Americans always live by their own set of laws and they all followed these laws because they know it could break trust. Native Americans always lived on traditions and moral laws that where created by their ancestors. They always have stories to tell that included the way the earth was created. The Native Americans where only interested in one thing and that is peace. The Majority of all Stories include a battle but that battle was a barrier that they had to knock down to be peaceful. In the Iroquois constitution reading the Native American had strict laws about breaking laws because it all relied on trust and respect. Mostly all native American tribes followed their own religion simply because there was no else to introduce them to a different religion. Most native Americans believed that earth was create in more of a natural way. An example would be earth on turtles back. Although it seems like a very comfortable place to live it does have its negative side which includes having to be exactly like the rest of the society.

The place that would be considered the best to live in would be our mythical island. Our mythical island includes laws that respect everyone and give everyone the same rights. When making the laws, the main focus was on giving everyone the same opportunity and being fair with everyone. This also includes fair punishments. Like the punishment for murder is an execution or depending on the way the murder occurred, life in prison. A form of isolation. Punishments ae necessary and have a great effect on anyone who breaks the laws. If it’s a 3rd degree law, then its normally jail time and something similar to rehabilitation. The rehabilitation was thought as an important way to turn their life around and help lead them to a better direction. The laws that where created help protect civilians in many different ways like but from what it looks like the laws are mostly made to try to create a healthy society. All these society’s and time periods only helped a certain group in the place, except for native American’s because they didn’t use money. But puritan new England mostly only rich merchants and higher people in government succeeded.

Colonial America was similar for a while but then it was a place for the people. The laws that where created where all in favor of the people. The preamble in fact beings with the statement “We the people” meaning it was for the people. This was decided mainly because people where tired of being silenced and oppressed. Many of these society’s and time periods felt that the oppression was enough and wanted change. Native Americans only wanted one thing, peace. They often had it and they often fought for it. Sinners in the hands of an angry god forced people to follow a religion mostly because of a fear but also makes no sense. How can someone that has no proof write such a strongly worded piece with no actual proof. Although it might not make much sense to the society of today, puritan new England’s laws mostly relied on religion. If anyone opposed it, they would be silenced. The mythical island that was created reflects a society with fair laws and fa4ir punishments.

29 April 2020
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