The Complicated Job of Being a Spy

Have you ever though and asked yourself, what skills does it take to be a spy? Being a spy is never an easy job, many spies that accomplished a lot for a country/organization but were still caught. Even spies with the smartest mindset were caught. Spying is a very risky job, which 90% of the time will have little to no success. It takes a very smart mindset to be an effective spy. Any spy will leave a big impact on everyone in the world, whether they help shape security, or if they help stop an evil person/organization.

The Most Famous Spies

Spying is anything except an easy job. Putting your life in danger everyday. There are many spies around the world, some of them were Benedict Arnold, Belle Boyd, etc. At first, Benedict Arnold was an early hero of the revolutionary war for the United States. But out of anger and rage he betrayed the United States. Before Benedict Arnold there was Sir Francis Walsingham a spymaster who worked for Queen Elizabeth I. He had many spies all over europe that kept on giving him information. Even though spying is a difficult job you can still accomplish a lot.

What Did These Spies Have To Do?

What do spies have to do to make themselves famous? A fully successful spy has and never will be caught and won’t be famous. During the revolutionary war Benedict Arnold was a war hero. On the battle of Bemis heights on October 7, 1777 Benedict Arnold’s attack put the British in disarray and made the United States one step closer to victory. He got no credit for all the work he did. At this battle he severely hurt his leg and then became the military governor of philadelphia and that’s where his loyalties started to change. Sir Francis Walsingham was a spymaster who worked for Queen Elizabeth 1 and he had spies all over europe. His spies saved Queen Elizabeth from getting killed her cousin twice. Her cousin, Mary wanted Queen Elizabeth dead because then she would be the queen. Benedict Arnold was a semi-successful spy. He did a lot for Great Britain but then got caught as a spy.

How Did They Make a Big Impact On the World?

Does anyone know why spies choose to do what they do? What did they do that caused such a big impact on the world? Spies can make a big impact on the world because they help form security. If there was no security than anyone could be giving away information to another person. Anyone can be a spy, even a person who put so much effort and was so loyal to a country like Benedict Arnold. 


Even though, many people had tons of success as being a spy. It is still a job that not everyone can do. Many people assume that one is not a spy because of excellent work he/she has done, but anyone can be a spy, even a person who has done so much more an organization/ government. For example, Benedict Arnold was thought to be a great soldier and no one thought that he would ever betray the United States but then it turned out that he was giving information to the British. 

07 July 2022
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