Biography Of Imran Khan: The Pakistani Prime Minister

From a cricket hero to the prime minister of Pakistan; Imran khan never set for anything less then to abolish the corrupt elite of the country. However, the major challenge has just begun as he has to face the complex task of balancing internal and international expectations.

How is Imran Khan unique from the rest of the politicians?

  1. He managed to succeed from 5 constituencies breaking the record of the great Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
  2. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf is the only party to win consecutively from the KPK origin because from the history, it is evident that no party has ruled the province twice.
  3. The turned out in Karachi is perhaps a huge success for Imran Khan as no other party in the past has been able to had secured majority in Karachi.

The history changed dramatically for Pakistan. Some people used to say that Imran Khan can never become the prime minister; he became the source of laughter, and a joke for many of the politicians, even some of his old members turned out against him. The parliament wasn’t an easy game for him. How the untested Prime Minister, Imran Khan, fully lacking the governmental experience, will approach the complex issues and internal pressure is open to question. His’ supreme skills together with the habit of not giving up will surely be tested.

Soon after taking the hot seat, Imran Khan went on making a string of grand promises. He talked about unifying people towards a same goal, negotiating with the allies in moving towards peace, fighting against the corrupt elite who have looted the country’s wealth, eroding poverty by taking strict measures, employing effective strategies to control increasing unemployment, developing five million low-cost houses, check & balance at all government levels, and manipulating tax collection. As far as the five million houses are concerned, khan has already called out the experts from the construction departments who will present strategies to build houses across the country. The committee is now finalized and is waiting for the budget to start implementing the end goal.

His first speech spoke the heart of the millions of people living in the country. He talked about the poor people who are living below the poverty lines. He mentioned the problems of employed people and promise to create better jobs. Unlike many other politicians, he laid great emphasis on creating a government just like medina. “No fleet of vehicles will trail behind him”: The gesture of Imran Khan is indeed a source of immense appreciation as he fulfilled his very first promise of neglecting the protocol culture. He further said, “In a country where 60% of the population lives below the poverty line, the pm doesn’t deserve to live a luxurious life”.

Moreover, he dismissed the luxurious life of the prime minister house and has promised to make it an educational institution. A committee has already been set up by the prime minister to report him the implementation process. This will decrease the government expenditure and will enable them to lower the burden that has been placed upon the poor people of the country. The selling of Prime Minister’ cars, is again a major success of Imran Khan as the cars worth of millions, will now be used for the betterment of the country. Khan promised to empower institutions like FBR, National Accounting Bureau and other institutions that are responsible to maintain accountability of the elected officials.

National accounting bureau is already doing a great job in handing over corrupts to the supreme courts, while old cases are being highlighted again. GITs are being The United Kingdom has joint hands with the Pakistani government in handing the corrupt officials who have left the country to avoid accountability of their assets. Furthermore, they have pledged to return the money that is being stolen from Pakistan. With the declining exports and economy, khan is putting significant efforts to cope with looming economic crisis of Pakistan.The recent meetings with the Saudis and KSA have been quite successful as the government is able to collect a large loan. Since the international monetary funds have denied any bailout package for Pakistan, Khan was desperate to look for the alternative, and he succeeded in building a way out of the IMF.

The finance minister, Asad Umer has already ensured the pm about getting out of the crisis with his new strategies of taxi collection. Unlike previous governance, the economy committee compromises of the most learned and well-respected experts, academics and practitioners of the field who are currently serving in, and have a diverse experience in managing a country’s economy. Up till now:

  • The government has been able to manage a tedious loan to stabilize the declining economy.
  • KSA and Saudi Arabia are ready to invest in Pakistan.
  • The CPEC project is being initialized again.
  • A great budget has been finalized for Karachi.
  • The military is going side by side with the government.
  • The government has denied any assistance to America in their war of so-called terrorism.
  • He has adopted a simple life and is giving a great example for other elected official to decrease their expenses.
  • His efforts helped stop the blasphemy cartoons that were about to forecast at the media channels.
  • Financial policymakers have played a great role as America is regretting its decision of stopping aid for Pakistan. ·
  • The Kashmir issue is being highlighted with full force, and Shah Mehmood Qureshi, minister of foreign policy has already left for the UN to find a solution for the Kashmir problem.
  • The government has pledged support to the opposition parties in re-counting of the votes.

Imran Khan has warned the ministers for taking any protocol It goes on…Will Khan be able to trigger a genuine change he had promised with the people? or it will be sparked off by the same old promises made by the previous governments. The spirit of not giving up and determination will surely be tasted.

03 December 2019
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