The Effect Of Food Advertising On Children

The healthy eating guide says that you should be eating mainly grain foods and vegetables/ legumes/ beans. They would not like you to eat as much meat, fruits or milk. There should be a healthy balance between them all though. Some sometimes foods include, alcohol, chocolate, soda, lollies etc. Australians may experience issues with this diet, even though it is the best one for us to follow sometimes the prices can get expensive, especially when choosing wholegrain over other types of food. Vegetables can also be expensive. Also some people may not always enjoy the food and people are picky.

Two boys of the same age but with very different life styles and interests, can affect how much or what someone may need to eat on a day to day basis. The boy on the right is obviously a professional or semi-professional athlete who will need to consume more food to be able sustain themselves for a longer period of time and keep their energy up. This person may eat lots of fruit and vegetables because fruit and vegetables have somewhat a good amount of healthy energy. As however the boy on the left is a more homebody and likes to stay at home so he would need to eat less and consume less energizing foods, His diet would most likely more resemble the ‘Australian Guide to Healthy Eating’ diet plan.

From what i have researched and watched most fast food ads targeted towards children have a lot of bright colors and usually has fellow kids or cartoon characters in the ads to catch their eye. They show the food as looking great and delicious but never really actually talk about the nutritional value and how unhealthy the food is. For example in one of the ads i watched it was for reese's puffs cereal and they had a young boy who was extremely excited to be eating them and it was covered with bright colors such as; orange and yellow. Whilst there was a rap playing the background about how delicious reese's puffs cereal is.

In the world people are extremely influenced by what we see in TV, movies or commercials because that is what we watch most often. The media gives a lot of misinformation to make people purchase their product. This then leading to a rapid growth of overweight people in society and in Australia. Food manufacturers use very useful techniques such as; jingles, false information, bright colors and famous known actors to endorse their product, because people are likely to purchase them when this useful techniques are used. The effect of this advertising has a very negative effect on children, because they don’t necessarily know that what is being advertised to them isn't a good product.

03 December 2019
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