The Effect Of Homeschooling On Students 

This paper will explain how homeschooling can affect students. It can affect students by them not having a social life. It stops students from meeting new people. It can also stop students from learning how to communicate with people they don’t know. A lot of people want to get homeschooled but don’t understand on the things they will miss out on. For example the opportunity to have different choices for a career. That can cause that you miss out on experience.

In 2003 there were 1. 1 million children being homeschooled. In 1999 there were only 850,000. At first homeschooling wasn’t very common. Another thing is that 1. 2 students are being thought at home. There are more kids being homeschooled than there are in the New York City public school system. In the 1970s homeschooling was illegal and there was also no support towards homeschooling. By this it means that people would not sell materials to other people.

A lot of parent’s also think that homeschooling is safer than public school. Parents think that it is an effective way to protect their children. Another thing is that students have suggested that homeschooled kids perform better academically than the ones that go to public school. It is also a way to keep your children away from almost the negative stuff that goes around schools. For example homeschooling could keep students from racism. It is a way to keep them from getting bullied or learning how to bully someone. ‘’Homeschooled students say their extracurricular options were more diverse’’. It was hard to homeschool because if you were caught they would take away your kids away from you. If this happened your children would go into a foster care. ‘’A child in the government school whose parents has a master’s degree or a teaching certificate would score 25-30 percent lower, on average, than a homeschooled student whose parents has only a high-school diploma or less’’.

Homeschooling has come a long way since the early days. California’s sanctuary state law is one of those last straws issues that has stirred the ursine wrath of many Californians. ‘’Christian school administrators, many of whom had faced their own legal battle in fight for exclusively Christian education, began to take notice of these families. ’’ In the 19th century most kids got most education at home. John Holt thinks that formal school system is better because it is the best place for children to learn. It is better for them because they learn slowly and their own paste. Since this is what John Holt stated then parents started to remove their kids from public schools. In the 1980s more than 20 states legalized homeschooling. In Michigan homeschoolers have access to sports from public schools.

In 2006 the estimated percent for Pennsylvania’s charter schools instructions was 11 percent. Something important was that 60 percent of students were homeschooled before. Schooling families are more aware of what the students’ individual interests are. Parents have to learn to use their own time and their children’s time productively. Another thing is that eleven states don’t have to make the family to register in a district to homeschool. Also those fourteen states don’t specify the certain subject that they need to teach, but nine of the states require the parents to have a high school diploma. In two thousand eleven and in two thousand twelve 1. 8 million students were being homeschooled. Five years before that it was 1. 5 million instead of 1. 8 million sometimes homeschooling is the best options for some kids. The homeschooling population used to be small. A large percentage of white kids took homeschooling. The population of whites being homeschooled was higher than the blacks, and the Hispanics.

In the United States any parent can choose their children to be homeschooled. It is not the same anywhere because in some states they have strict rules on homeschooling. Consider that, in 2012, more than a third of the middle school and high school aged students were enrolled in online classes. It is known that children that get homeschooled do better in tests. Also that they end up doing better in college. They also stay in college instead of dropping out. In 2009 the percentage of the homeschooled students who graduate from college was 67 percent.

Parents sometimes want their children to homeschooled because of special needs. They want to look over them instead of a nurse at school. Another thing could be because of the environment at school. They want their kids to be safe and not in any type of danger. If their kid has any type of special need they want him to be safe. Another thing is that maybe a child can have mental problems and the parents want what is best for them. Which is their child to stay at home with them. Nothing is more important to parents but for their kids to be safe and not being in any type of danger. Even at home there is still a chance of any type of danger.

‘’In colonial days families, including wealthy ones, educated, their children at home, combining efforts of parents, tutors, and older children’’. The parents want their kids to go to college. The students also have to learn how deal with higher education standards. They have to learn that everyone has a different education capacity. This means that some students don’t understand what higher level educated students understand.

If you homeschool and your kid doesn’t know something you can help him or her till they are good with what they can’t do. Not like in schools because sometimes the teachers skip the problem without everyone knowing how to do it. In homeschooling you can keep practicing till your good. In school everyone has to move on. No one can stay behind because everyone is working as a class. For a lot of kids it is hard to learn because they don’t get individual help. Some students need to be taught one on one. As for parents they have to be act like a teacher ones it comes to the teaching. Parents also have to be on the same track as the school. Parents have to have the same school requirements. Another thing is that you have to get the supplies they need. Same thing they use in school. For example textbooks, pencils, and notebooks.

Homeschooling can change a lot of things. It can change a lot of things because now you have to homeschool your child. It changes because instead of the parent working now they have to teach their kid at home.

10 October 2020
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