The Emancipation Proclamation Helped To Win Civil War

The event that took place on Fort Sumter started the Civil War. The North had Ulysses S. Grant, George McClellan, William T. Sherman, and Winfield Scott who all played a great role in leading the Union Army towards victory. Lincoln was a strong uniting leader that held together with the divided country. The Emancipation Proclamation, Sherman’s March to Sea, and the Anaconda plan were Union military strategies that helped them win the war. The North had a bigger population and many of them volunteered to fight which increased manpower. They also had transportations like railroads that allowed them to maneuver easier and had an industrialized economy. The war was fought on the South’s territories so the Union armies used the South’s resources instead of wasting their own. The war ended in Appomattox when Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. The North was victorious in the Civil War because they had experienced people who made successful military plans and they had an already established economy.

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The North was victorious in the Civil War because Lincoln knew who to put in charge and help him with military strategies. Because Lincoln was not experienced, he put Ulysses S. Grant, George McClellan, William T. Sherman, and Winfield Scott mostly in charge of the men. The Anaconda plan was developed by Winfield Scott, which created a naval blockade in southern ports giving the Union control over the Mississippi River. By doing this they cut off the south from the outside world, this devastated the south’s economy as they couldn’t trade anything as they heavily depended on slavery and cotton production. Sherman’s March to Sea was created by William Sherman to frighten Georgia’s population into leaving the Confederate cause by destroying things that have some luxury. Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation abolish slavery in the rebellious states as the South heavily depends on it and doesn’t have many options as they aren’t industrialized. This also allowed free slaves to join the Union military which increased their manpower.

The North was victorious in the Civil War because they already had an established economy. The South was not industrialized so when their trading and ways of production were compromised they really fell as they didn’t have other materials to sell or make like the North. The Confederate soldiers had to take longer routes as their railroads were not as interconnected as the industrialized North. As the war kept on, the south needed more money which is why they had greenback. Greenback is paper money that can not be backed up by gold or silver and people had to trust the government for credibility. By the North having an established economy it made collecting taxes easier and they were able to invest a great deal of money and effort in organizing psychological and social support for soldiers’ wives, widows, and orphans, and for the soldiers themselves. After the Emancipation Proclamation, the South lost it’s 59% of income, but the North had a more distributed industry that could rely on factories, banks, and railroads to help them until the war ended.

The people Lincoln put in charge and their military strategies had the greatest impact. This is because even if the South had an established economy, the Anaconda naval blockade stopped anything from entering or exiting the South for trade or needed resources. As the South was fighting a defensive war, they weren’t trying to win, they just wanted to hold off the Union for as long as they could. Their strategy was to simply survive and attack where possible, taking advantage of knowing the landscape. Although the South won some battles, the North won the war by draining the South and driving them to a state they couldn’t bear to live in. 

07 July 2022

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