The Hard Life Of Homeless People

We are lucky in our life. We experienced the comfortable life. We have family to take care of us. While them they don't have. They we're left behind by their love ones.

Being homelessness is not easy. There are many reason of being homelessness.The causes of being homelessness is they are abandoned by their family. They have no family that care for them. They have no work or unemployment. They have no income. Every causes has also effects. They possibly suffer from being homeless. Thay can't eat thrice a day. It can possibly lead them of being sick. They have dirty clothes. No home to comfortably live. They dont have enough money to sustain their daily needs. It can affect their life. Being homeless can affect their mind. Others can't think wisely. They are affected by suddenly being homeless. Other people that being homeless is being unhealthy. They can be easily have illness because of living in streets. They can't sleep well at night because they have no comfortable bed. When they lose everything and suddenly they became homeless,it can affect them mentally. They may suffer depression or being stress. The result is they can't think or decide properpy for their own. Since they can't buy or cook homemade food, they go trash or garbages to find food to eat. As a result they become sick or having an illness.That can affect their lifestyle. They have no choice so they eat dirty food. Most of homeless is thin and malnourished because pf not having a healthy foods to eat everyday. It's either spoiled or rotten food. Also it is bad for their health . It can cause diseases to them. They have no choose but to eat it because of being hungry. Also one of the reason is the shortage of money. Some of the homeless being abuse physically and sexually. Other people take advantage to them. Other people also become homeless because of unwilling to work or they choose not to go on school. Some homeless doesn't have an opportunity to go to school. Other homeless choose to live in street than finding a job. There are many people that don't have a home to live. Also they don't have a choice but to live in streets. For the homeless they experience different situations in street. People take advantage of them. Some of the homeless was raped and being tricked.

Despite of being homeless they keep fighting. Keep surviving with their life. We know that there are many people living in streets or anywhere. Nothing to eat, no home to live, abandoned by their families and love ones. Despite of all the hurful or bad happenings in their life. They stand again and again. Keep fighting with life and not losing hope. Everyone of us should give them attention. Be a helping hand to people. Especially to the people that need our help. Let's not take advantage to them. Stop abusing the homeless. Until now there are may people that are homeless. They are human like us. They have right to live and deserve to be respected.

03 December 2019
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