The Impact Of Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, And Montgomery Bus Boycott On African Americans

To what extent did African Americans gain equality? African Americans were never really loved in this world, and probably never will be. African Americans have always struggled regarding economy, socially and politically. African Americans have never had an equal opportunity in this world. Black people never had it good for themselves but the people found a way into the court system to give them rights. African Americans have suffered because of Jim Crow Laws, Montgomery Boycott, and slavery.

Slavery affected African Americans because they were dehumanized and unable to do act on their free will. Slavery took the lives of many African Americans, while others lived in harsh conditions that caused them to want to rebel. Jim Crow Laws prevented African Americans from living the life that they wanted to live. Segregation came along with Jim Crow Laws and blacks couldn’t get jobs which caused many families to suffer. This shows that these laws changed the lives of many blacks drastically. This is important because this was something that no one ever wanted to go through in life and shouldn’t have to. Everyone deserves to be free and do what they want, wherever they are.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott affected tons of black activists. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white passenger and this caused many black activists to rebel against the community. This inspired the black community to go against the public transportation and walk and boycott to get blacks the same seating rights. This was the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and how it affected the black community. No one of the black community took the bus, which ultimately caused bus companies (which were owned by white people) to lose money. It also caused an economic and financial strain for whites as the bus system was the primary mode of transportation for most African Americans during that time. As a result, the Supreme Court ruled that Jim Crow Laws would no longer affect black people on buses. This caused many people to get back on the buses and the black community again got back on the buses. This is important because this marks the beginning of blacks getting more rights in the judicial system and them being able to do whatever.

The 13th amendment changed the lives of many African Americans forever. The 13th amendment abolished slavery and this caused blacks to be able to make their own living. Slavery was a time in history where black people were not loved and were really hated. Back then and still now, people that aren’t black think that black people are dangerous, rude,and that if they have dreads, then they will kill someone or they’re even more dangerous. Black people never had it good in the world for specific reasons. But no one knows why they were treated this way. Black activists and black motivations stood up for what was right. Harriet Tubman was one of the many few people that actually were able to escape from slavery, and to also help others escape.But this amendment was not followed by people even when it was in law because this was or could be used as a punishment if you disobey a law or if you commited a crime. This would mean that anyone could say someone did this and they could just be saying that for forced labor.

The 15th amendment, this was when black people had the great opportunity to vote. Unfortunately, this was when Jim Crow Laws and the KKK were here. This means that black people did not get to do anything political because the KKK would always shoot up a church or something religious because they didn’t want black people to get what they deserve. This caused many black deaths and many places to be burned down or abandoned. The KKK was an american white supremacist group who was also a hate group. They were a group that hated politics and religious beliefs. This stopped black people from voting which overall took the percentage down of blacks voting.

The Bread line was a chance in history where black people and just anyone who needed help could go in the line of factories or whatever they were waiting to get, and then blacks or whites would get it. This was what gave the black people a chance to have a life in the community. People could work in the factories with no work experience and would still get paid enough to make a living off of. The bread line was what the black people needed for their life to get started and be happy. Anybody could go to this place and get what they need to do to make a healthy life for themselves. This is what brought black people back together as a whole because they were able to do and get what they want without any harm. This was a time where black people were liked and were somewhat equal.

All of these laws were what prevented black people from being happy and being able to do what they wanted to do freely. These laws made people not want to live anymore because of how much they affected black people lives. Laws are something that everyone should have to follow no matter what gender, religion, or race you are. Laws are put in place for people to follow them and not break them. White people have always had an advantage over black people and that’s not how the world is supposed to work. Everyone should get a say in something no matter what it is.

Overall, black people never had a good run the world or in any of the communities at all. Black people later in life were given somewhat equal rights and are able to live their lives to the fullest. Things like police brutality still exist, but black people have protested to get what is rightfully theirs, equal rights. Blacks have a chance to do something great, but they can’t do that if they don’t even have their own space to do what they want. Black people could have an influence on the world if they are just given the proper things to do so. Everyone should be able to get the proper education, housing, employment, etc. This would change how people see blacks if they just actually give them a minute to recognize how good of people they are. 

09 March 2021
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