The Impact Of Thomas Jefferson On America

Thomas Jefferson influenced the American Revolution in important ways. He made a lot of people happy and not a lot of people mad. He wrote the Declaration Of Independence which made people live more freely and not be political. Another thing he did was took a big act and was the minister of france and was the third president. A lot of people are influenced by him and they want to make an impact in life just like Thomas jeferson did because they realized how much success he had.

In the revolutionary war Thomas Jefferson was the governor. He had a great role being governor because he made a lot of good laws and etc. Thomas Jefferson was elected by the people in his town/area at the election. He wanted to make a big impact on the area he lived in and he did, a lot of people were proud of him because of how much of an influence he is. He did some great stuff before he was elected which made it easier to get elected because people trust him more to do good things.

He was so important during the American Revolution because he had a major role being governor. He made a huge impact because he was the governor of France which is a big country and that's a lot of people that he has to make decisions for. In the 1800s France’s population was 35,000,000+ so that means that he had to make sure he did a good thing for that many people. If that doesn't explain how good of a governor he was then I don’t know what else to say. He signed the DOI also which was one of the best things he has ever done.

He signed the Declaration Of Independence. Signing that one piece of paper was one of the best things that has happened in history. He has done more than just that but that was the best things he has done because it had the biggest impact on the world and changed a lot of things in a good way. When he signed the Decloration Of Independence it made the world a lot better place because slavery was stopped and so was segragation. If that wasn’t signed there would still probably be segragation and slavery and etc.

Thomas Jefferson was a great American Revolution. He has done a lot of great things in history and everyone knows that. He was the governor of France and was the 3rd president ever. He led France to victory and that was another really really big thing in history because a lot of people and things depended on that was and Thomas Jefferson won that. People still talk about him and how much of an influence he was and still is because of all of the things that he has done for the world. Just reflecting on the war it has changed a lot and the world can get along a lot better because of Thomas Jefferson and the things he has done.

10 October 2020
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