Thomas Jefferson And Alexander Hamilton 

Thesis and Background

In February 1789, George Washington was elected president of the United States and decide to put Alexander Hamilton as secretary of treasury and Thomas Jefferson as secretary of State . Little did he know that the two would end up become enemies and that their rivalry would help create how to government is made and governed today. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson’s conflict over Hamilton’s national bank The beginning of conflict Before Hamilton and Jefferson took their places in the cabinet, they didn't hate each other. It wasn’t until later down the road when their personalities started to show that they started to dislike each other. Their conflict may have rooted from George Washington himself. In a rush to fill the positions as secretary of treasury and secretary of state, he made both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton think that their job was most important. Jefferson claimed to be in charge of all of the nations domestic affairs and Hamilton referred to the administration as if he were completely in charge, making it seem as if the other was overstepping their bounds. Jefferson and Hamilton’s different Americas

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton’s personality differences and beliefs on how America should be governed started to become quite evident while in the cabinet. Hamilton was a lot more expressive with his ideas. Jefferson wanted a government that was centralized on foreign policy, but had a “laissez-faire” mindset when it came to domestic matters and didn't like anything that could possibly compromise being self-sufficient. He was most afraid of American depending on government (shmoop) Hamilton saw Jefferson as a man with wild ambition and was just good at hiding it. Jefferson saw Hamilton as someone who would do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Conflict in the Cabinet

While Hamilton and Jefferson were in the cabinet they were constantly attacking each others ideas. NEED TO FINISH THIS SECTION Hamilton’s Bank Proposal On December 15, 1790, Alexander Hamilton proposed a United States Bank that would have 10 million dollars in capital and the ability to issue paper money. The bank would be located in Philadelphia and could have eight branches in different cities, would have 20 years charter (establishing a national bank). 20,000 shares would be sold privately and the government would buy 5,000 shares or 2,000,000 dollars of bank stock back (digital history). The bank would be given the power to lend the government money and hold government deposits, promote business and industry with the extension of credit.

The bank would also be able to print paper money to give Americas a uniform currency (Establishing a National Bank)“ ( A) national bank… was not essential to the work of the federal Government… This was… only a measure for carrying out the… interweaving of the interests of wealthy men with those of the government.” William Graham Sumner, Alexander Hamilton (Hamilton’s curse) Jefferson opposes Like most of Hamilton’s ideas, Thomas Jefferson was not a fan of the national bank. He believed that the bank was going to only truly benefit the rich and privileged (digital history), that the bank was going to slow down the development of state banks, and that the constitution only allows for necessary means and not things that are just convenient (Jefferson argues against constitutionality…) . He didn't think that a bank was necessary to execute the enumerated powers which were 1.) borrow money, 2.) create taxes to pay debt, and 3.) regulate foreign commerce and the constitution states that “ to make all laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution the enumerated powers” ( jefferson argues against constitutionality).

31 August 2020
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