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Thomas Jefferson – The Leading Figure Of America’s Early Development

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It is the story about the leading figure of America’s early development Thomas Jefferson. Although he lived a Luxuries life after being retired from the presidency but he was living with about 200 slaves helping them with all kind of need till his death on 4 July 1826 in his bedchamber. The Northeast portico which leads to hall represents western civilization, Native American tradition and culture through different aesthetic wall paintings and pictures. The entrance hall leads to the parlor where Jefferson family engage in conversation with guest, Played games, listen music and it is also taken as sites of family wedding dances and different events. So, it is recognized as a center of social activity which featured family history with different aesthetics arts of Jefferson. Beside this southwest Patricio has also the recognized feature crowing dome: In addition to this the southern part of with his private library with over 7000 books, The cabinet to wrote letters and drew plans for the university of Virginia and also there is a place where he made lock and chains which is called southeast pizza .So, Except the south square room where her daughter Martha Sewed, taught her children and ordered the servant all other rooms of southwest Patricio are his private one.

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Elizabeth Heming who is also known as Betty Heming children’s are the slaves who served in Monticello. She was been inherited by Jefferson from his father’s in law john Heming’s. As he was living the luxuries life the kitchen was always busy and was coordinated by the chefs trained in Washington who prepared with French theme and seems to be primary part to most of the things in Monticello. The meals was prepared properly and he always make sure each child was fed. The main drinks are beer and cider which was prepared by Peter Heming’s who was trained by English brewer.

Jefferson spend his time in reading, designing and taking care of his family and farm .Later he founded the university of Virginia and also he is music lover too, He used to called music is his favorite passion of his soul. The Scottish tune found in his handwriting is now popular as staple of Ohio dance band. In addition to this he freed to one of his slaves in his will.

As the rules of time and bell was followed the activities of plantation and housing was much easier in Monticello. Beside that the guest are treated warmly in parlor in tea house with different events and programs. The slaves are also seems to be happy as they were treated properly and later he freed five most skillful slaves. Jefferson home and plantation shows the sign of freedom and his caring nature shows the equality for the slaves.

13 January 2020

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