The Importance of Green Living for the World and Its Methods

I am going to express my view on the importance of green living to the world and the methods having an environmentally friendly lifestyle. First, the most notable reason of importance of green living is improvement on global warming.

The annual temperature has increased 0. 74oC which affect climate change. Using renewable energy and stopping deforestation are ways decreasing the proportion of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide. These can reduce greenhouse effect, prevent deterioration of global warming and facilitate sustainable development. Besides, another arguments is increasing physical and mental quality of life on worldwide citizens. According to world health organisation, there are 7million people death per year due to air pollution.

Green living can improve air quality to declare the number of diseases. So, they can spend their money on other aspects to gain higher satisfaction. Thus, green living increases their physical and mental quality of life. Green living is important to the world, there are two methods to maintain in our daily life. The first means is buy what we need. Materialism is being more popular, it triggers a trend of buy what we want. This accumulates huge product wastes in Hong Kong. According to Greenpeace study, the underused garments cost around $3,900,000,000, it indicates lots of clothes we not wear, we just buy for fashion trend, brand and cheap. So, we should think wising before buying to reduce wastes. The second ways is do not waste food.

According to a survey, there are 4180tonnes of food waste per day, it implies that food waste is one of the vital 1Shillane Yuen Hei Suet (L23) Assignment 2-2. 1 21-09-2018problem in Hong Kong. We can bring boxes when we are eating in outside, the company in the supermarket can donate the food. These action can help to reduce the food waste in Hong Kong and reduce the load in the landfill. To conclude, these are the importance and methods of green living. I hope everyone can maintain this lifestyle to reach sustainable development in future. (330 words)

13 January 2020
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