The Influence Of Truant Habits On Students’ Life

Skipping classes is one of the naughtiness that is often done by students in several countries. Many people assume this activity as one example of irresponsible behavior. However, various sides determine the division of external and internal factors in this case. Doubtless, every action happens because it has the reasons and carries some consequences on life as well. Some reasons cause students to be absent in school's activity, such as the monotonous teaching methods, bullying, and disliking the school subject, along with this problem, it triggers unmotivated to learn, causes trauma, and students do not get anything.

The first cause is that monotonous teaching methods create the student's boredom. The circumstance of learning is greatly decisive in the fruitfulness of the teaching and learning process. Nowadays, youngsters tend to feel bored with monotonous things. Creative teachers can create a productive learning environment. Otherwise, hence this matter will be affecting students' learning interest who attended class. Thus, the uninteresting learning system will lead to student's tedium. As a result, teaching and learning will not be effective as most of the students are unmotivated to learn. This ineffectiveness becomes one-factor external that influence encouragement to study. Moreover, students become uncomfortable in class, so they will try to run away from this situation. Along with this condition, it triggers them to skip the class and ignore the lecturer.

In some universities, bullying still often occurs, and it can be an excuse for not join the class. Physically and verbally interfering is some action done by the perpetrators. Usually, those who are quiet and considered weak will become easy targets. The inconvenience and apprehensive felt is the most significant factor that makes the victim decide to skip class so as not to meet with the oppressors. Consequently, attacks given will significantly affect the psychological state of the victim to cause mental disorders. Bullying causes trauma bring down self-confidence and have difficulties in making friends. The trauma experienced has the potential to make students truant so they can avoid bullying. Furthermore, they will lose confidence due to harassment and feel bad about it. Finally, the victim will find it difficult to make friends and avoid social activities. This condition triggers students to choose truant as a way out.

The next reason is that students mostly dislike some tough and demanding courses. When the lecture starts, various subjects are available and can be taken by students. However, what they choose not necessarily is what they are interested in. Several things must be taken because they are needed to fulfill credit even though it is complicated. Difficulties that are felt make students dislike the lesson until finally choosing to skip class. Therefore, students will do not get anything. What can someone get if they often skip the class? They missed various essential things that were conveyed during the lesson. As a result, it will require them to pursue studies that have been lag behind. Otherwise, failure and repetition are waiting at the end of the road.

To sum up, skipping classes cause more negative impact than the positive results. Monotonous teaching methods, bullying, and disliking the school subject are several reasons for students to skip the classes. If the problem is neglected, then adverse effects such as unmotivated to learn, trauma, and disruption of learning will be inevitable. Public awareness of this behavior is needed to suppress the potential for truancy. Proper handling is needed to speed up the rescue of students from unwanted effects. Do not let neglect of the cause worsen the consequence. 

16 August 2021
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