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The Job Of A Farmer

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Being a farmer means that you will have the responsibility of completing many tasks. On larger farms, workers can be expected to know how to operate machinery such as tractors, how to tend to livestock, basic maintenance and repair work to fences, vehicles, gates etc. Farmers need to know how to plant, fertilize and harvest crops, as well as how to affectively market their produce. On small farms, the workers are generally the owners of the farm and do all its maintenance on their own. Farmers must

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Primarily, farmers are trained on the job through hands-on experience and usually a degree is not required. However, for those aspiring to be farm managers, a degree in agriculture, agronomy, animal science or dairy science is recommended. New farmers can be trained through apprenticeships or through other experienced farmers.

The majority of farmers (56%) reported to the Farm Journal Pulse that they worked about 10-14 hours a day. Farmers spend most of their time outdoors doing labor intensive work, during all types of weather: rain, heat, humidity and cold. Dairy farmers or farmers with livestock must always take care of their animals and make sure they have proper shelter, are in good health and have all that they need. Farmers- especially small farmers- rarely, if ever get vacation or days off. Having a farm is not just a job, but a lifestyle as well.

The lower 10% of farmers make less than $35,020 annually, while the top 10 receive earnings of over $126,000. Overall, their salary depends on how well crops and products do. Some seasons can bare more fruit than others and therefore impact income as a result. For example, during an especially cold winter where crops may die, farmers may have less income for that year; however, some owners have insurance that covers incidents such as this. On the contrary, farmers that have specific products that are only available during certain seasons (for example, pumpkins in the fall), may also have an income that fluctuates.

Employment opportunities depend on where you live. They can be plentiful in states/areas with suburbs, yet rare in states with many urban cities. Farmers can volunteer for experience, join organizations that support aspiring farmers and seek internships and jobs online. Farmers can expect advancement opportunities in organic farming and horticulture. Advancement opportunities can also be seen in moving to the position of a farm manager; or in smaller farms, expanding land, market and their farm in general over time is advancement.

The employment for agricultural managers is seen to stay relatively the same through 2019-2028. It can be estimated that more job opportunities will open with the retirement of older farmers. As of 2018, the employment was 975,400, and in 2028, the projected employment is 966,500.

I selected this occupation because I have always felt a calling to nature and animals. The lifestyle/job of a farmer is a unique occupation where I would be able to work closely with nature daily, while also helping others with my product, if even by a small amount. Being a farmer would allow me the freedom to build my own business and be independent in my decisions as to how I would run it.

10 October 2020

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