The Main Function Of Yoga And How It Came To Our Life

Yoga is an ancient system of improvement of mind and body. The thousand-year traditions of the Indian philosophy originating about the XV-X centuries BC which has remained so far have evolved from the most ancient human civilization. The founder of the teaching of yogis consider the Old Indian wise man Patandzhali living in the II-I centuries BC. Certainly, Patandzhali has allocated yoga in independent system on the basis of already existing experience of occupations of certain yogis. For various reasons the ancient wise men owning practical exercises of system of yoga avoided her promoting and it has led to a mystification of this ancient doctrine. Practice is one of а true criterion of yoga.

The word "yoga" in translation from Sanskrit means "connection". Yoga is first of all – religious and philosophical system. I think what should be remembered – yoga includes both the purpose, and means of achievement of this purpose. The essence of outlook of yogis consists in connection of individual soul of the person with world spirit, with absolute soul or God. According to yogis, there is the life purpose. " Cleaning " and "improvement" – these two concepts are the cornerstone of the teaching of yogis. According to the doctrine of yogis our body lives at the expense of "positive" and "negative" currents. When they are in complete equilibrium, it is possible to speak about excellent health. In language of ancient symbolics "positive" current was designated by the word "ha" (Sun), and "negative" – the word "tkha" (Moon). Merge of these two words has also received the word "hatkha" which sense symbolizes unity of contrasts. It is well-known that many functions of our organism are regulated by our mind. We go, we run, we stop, sit down, we take a spoon, we swallow liquid, we open and we close eyes, – we can begin and interrupt all these actions at own will. But whether we are able by one strong-willed effort to accelerate or slow down heart beat? Whether are capable to influence work of a stomach and a vermicular movement of intestines?

Small special training yoga – it is also possible to accelerate or slow down a heart rhythm. Insignificant expenditure of energy sharply distinguish Hatkha yoga from the European athletics. More attention, than to tension of muscles is paid to relaxation. That`s why I love yoga. In my practice it is true that by doing Hatkha yoga you can do everything with your body by your thoughts. Physical relaxation can't be reached at an intellectual tension, the yoga provides the first step for elimination of intellectual tension. At occupations the Hatha yoga the attention is concentrated on those qualities which would like to get, but not of which it would be desirable to get rid. The body is the fact that has made of it a thought. At occupations Hatkha yoga it is necessary to follow common sense, to be careful, attentive, not to pursue fast results. The yoga includes both the purpose, and means of achievement of this purpose.

In conclusion, I want to write why I choose this topic? Because I am interested in yoga. I do it myself every day. I have been started it 10 months ago. It is very important part of my life. I can do exercises of this type of sport. I know more information about yoga, especially about Hatkha yoga. And I wanted to share this information with my group mates. Our body is the result of our thoughts indeed.

15 Jun 2020
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