The Message Of Miracles Being Real In Miracles From Heaven By Christy Beam

“Miracles from Heaven” is an incredible true story of the Beam’s family. It is based on Christy Beam, the writer and mother, who recounts the true story of her younger daughter having a near-death experience and being cured of incurable diseases. The first disease being pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, a rare disorder that has a profound effect on the intestines, preventing the body from receiving the nutrients it needs. The second; antral hypomotility disorder, which is essentially a paralysis in the stomach. 

The writer informs readers about an extraordinary miracle that unfolds in the wake of dramatic rescues, leaving medical specialists and her family mystified after Annabel survives a devastating fall. The incidence brought the Beam family closer together emotionally and left the community inspired. Throughout the book, the writer shows the true meaning of miracles. The writer reinforces the argument that miracles are everywhere all the time, and actually do happen. When Christy’s family realized that a miracle had occurred, they would look back at all the circumstances that intricately led to becoming an unmistakable phenomenon: a kind lady at the hospital rushed to the doctor for treatment when the building was jam-packed, the “aunt” leaving work just to spend time with Anna after her doctor appointments in Boston, and when Anna survived a thirty-foot drop off a tree. Anna would always tell her mother, “Mommy… I just want to die and go to heaven and be with Jesus where there’s no pain.” For Christy this was hard to hear, understanding what she was going through, she would always say “we are fearfully and wonderfully made, quoting Psalm 139.” The day she fell from that tree, Annabel said she arrived in heaven and sat in Jesus’ lap, who explains that He’ll send her back, because she still has to fulfill His purpose for her life. He tells Annabel she will be completely healed from illness that doctors couldn’t cure. To this very day, Annabel made a complete recovery. 

Going forward, she refrained from further medications and ate what she pleased with no symptoms of her previous illness. This was a miracle to Christy Beam and her family, knowing she could finally be a kid again, and no longer seeing their baby girl suffer and experience the pain. This was shocking to doctors since they expected full paralysis, brain injury, or even death from falling head first. Instead, Annabel was diagnosed with a possible concussion and a few bumps and bruises. Doctors said this was a miracle, and would say God’s hands were on it through the end. The writer also includes verses from the bible. The purpose of this was to further emphasize her argument with teachings of miracles performed, as well as how one can have faith to believe for a miracle. “With God all things are possible, Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew.” This is true, because the bible verse that Christy included in her story states, “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, Miracles that cannot be counted”. 

The writer desires for her story to provide hope, encouragement, comfort to others, and also to remind them that God is appreciative of the little things. Christy intends for the moral to express her belief that exceeding moments do not need to be a grand blessing to insist the realization that God is nurturing. From her experience, she wants people to be aware that He is there, and not just real, but also active in our lives. It may not mean your wishes will be fulfilled, but those little gestures of assurance from God that make His comforting presence evident, are miracles themselves. The writer’s choices connect to the argument that miracles are real and are not frequently acknowledged because they are subtle and made to seem uncoincidental. 

As Christy Beam says, “God sometimes hears our prayers before we even know what we’re supposed to pray for.” This shows that God does care. He has glory. He has a purpose for every single person in the world. You were made to be a beautiful creation. We are all a miracle of God, according to His strange and wonderful plan.

09 March 2021
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