The Principle Of Management Of Malaysian Fast Growing Family Restaurant Dave’s Deli


Dave’s Deli is a 100% Malaysian owned halal certified and operated fastest growing affordable family western restaurant that has their first branch located at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur back in 1989. This shop is in their way to approach the independence and provide various kind of beneficial deli meals that best suit the appetite of universal it is designed as a family restaurant and caters for people of all ages whether it is families, children, students, kids, and office workers.

The co-founder of Dave’s Deli is David Chin and Maureen Chin who they are daily lovers them-self with such a big interest on deli inspired them to work hard and tirelessly in the kitchen for taste-testing the deli ‘s food to come out with the new ideas for the recipe and flavor of dishes for their western restaurant chain shop . Dave's Deli shop menu inclusive of the open-cut sandwiches, gourmet pies and home-cooked deli meals of ¼ roast chicken and array of gourmet pies, lasagna, pasta, soups and grilled cheese sandwiches that gain the popularity in Kuala Lumpur.

Dave's Deli is famous for their ‘Magic Gravy 'whether accompanied by sandwiches or roasted chicken. Fresh handpicked ingredients during the wee hours of the morning were used in preparing the dishes. Dave's Deli serves food fast but not consider as a fast food restaurant .The mission of the restaurant is to serve good wholesome food that everyone likes and enjoyable and with the motto of “Coming Home To Good Food’’. (, 2018)Dave’s Deli has applied Henri Fayol’s principles of management for improving the organizational efficiency during the process of running the restaurant.

First example are, the division work which each and every of the restaurant or company does have organizational chart that indicate each an everyone job roles and responsibility this may improve the quality of work or organizational efficiency as specialization increases output by making the employees more efficient the organization chart will show that each company have their own respective leader to guide them in performing efficiently while working . The managing directors are always placed above the others this is due to he is the leader that been assigned to be responsible to in charge of the performances of the worker.

Second would be the scalar chain whereby the line of authority from top management to the lowest ranks is the scalar chain. In the organization chart, the board of directors will at the top of the organization chart this shows that the board of director belongs to the top management in that restaurant and follow by the those who position lower.

Moreover, stability of tenure of personnel are really important whereby the management should provide orderly personnel planning and ensure the replacement is available to fill the vacancies or else lack of workers might happened if any of the last minute emergency and not eligible to work in any particular day that we can’t predict and think of ,this will not only affect the progression but also affect the professionalism as due to not enough of workers to serve the customer and mistakes will often occur since that particular workers can't handle that much customer, bad feedbacks from customer will be received daily and causes bad reputation to the restaurant in that way business will be losing customer as people won’t be visiting our restaurant anymore due to the bad comments and reputation that they received from other people or the review on the internet and social media. (structure and Blog, 2018)

Dave Deli not only applied Henry’s Fayol principles of management but as well the bureaucracy by Max Weber whereby the first one is the division of labor in this phrase the jobs are broken down into simple , routine , and well -defined tasks . The second is formal selection as people selected for jobs based on technical qualification as well as experiences whether they work in the industry before.This management approaches have improved and hindered the efficiency of Dave Deli this is because by applying the principles of management by Henry Fayol and bureaucracy from Max Weber employees progression are more easily to be control of as if the employees do something that against the rules of the company they can just be fire straight away and the owner no need to waste their precious time to handle the employees problems and concentrate on handling the business of the restaurant instead.

Moreover, by having a leadership approach small business decision can be made by the leader if the decision needs to be made quickly.Furthermore, applying the principle of management and bureaucracy giving the advantage to develop the team building as working in the industry teamwork Is very important for completing a job as without teamwork job will be will be messed up and everything worked out wrong.In addition, with the principle of management and bureaucracy job will be carried out systematically.

Last but not least ,it as well giving the chance to improves understand on the knowledge on managing the businesses of yours and decide what to be accomplish the task that you have to complete and handle the situation of your business whenever you face a bad situation this is because to open a business we need to plan and think probably as without any knowledge on managing business may cause the business to operate unsuccessfully and lost money than earn . (, 2018)


The principle of management that proposed by Henry's Fayol and the bureaucracy by Max Weber is normally using nowadays since it is very important for controlling the organization and helps in managing the organization, decision making and controlling. This is because these principles and bureaucracy are very useful and effective for managing the businesses well as improving the productivity if labor Dave’s deli follows this principle of management and beaucacracy resulted in winning the award as fast- casual restaurant chain and successfully expand their business until 11 outlets operating in Malaysia and got first place in Sydney Australia in that 11 outlets 4 out of it are cooperate owned and 7 out of it are franchisee-owned. (, 2018)

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03 December 2019
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