Hard Work - Increasing Probability Of Success

My mum is doing her Ph. D. at the age of forty-three. It is tough because she is taking the responsibilities to look after my two youngest siblings, and her other kids are in different countries to continue their studies. The challenging part is that the ministry of education in Kuwait have limited her to finish her Ph. D. in one year instead of the average duration which is four years. Otherwise, she will have to pay back all the money that the government has paid her. She is trying her best to finish soon. My mum is a brave woman she did not stop because of the limited period or the money she must pay. Instead, she is doing the best she could do to achieve her dream of being a lecturer no matter what her circumstances are. This story shows the importance of hard work to achieve aims and to be successful no matter how hard your conditions are. Therefore, I believe that hard work is necessary for the following reasons.

My first reason for why hard work is essential is that it benefits the society. One way hard work is meaningful is because it helps us to develop the community to succeed. For example, if most teachers focus more on their job. All students will work actively to accomplish their academic distinction and pursue their future career choice. Therefore, the next generation will be well-educated and more knowledgeable of life which will help them to invent new scientists and instruments such as a home instrument like an air conditioner or musical instrument like pianos. In this way, the outcome of the country will increase meaning the government will become more profitable, beneficial and will start to progress positively over the years. Another way is to maintain high job positions, which will help the society to thrive. For example, if everyone in the team slacks off and messes something up, all companies will crumble. This example shows the importance of having hard workers and successful people in the society that can help them to produce successful businesses. As a result, the number of companies in the community will increase rapidly along with the dynamic rise for the country's income. Therefore, it will establish a sustainable growth in many areas, including the economy, trade, and communications. Thus, the country will have a higher GDP which will lead to having a high living standard.

My second reason why hard work is important is that it leads to self-improvements. One way that it will lead to self-improvement is that it will enhance mental toughness. Diligent helps to develop self-discipline, and focus. In this way people will become more efficient and productive this will improve their skills which will lead them to have new career opportunities they hadn't previously considered. These improvements will boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Another way, it gives results, people at the beginning of their career are not ready enough to handle all the responsibilities and success together. But by sacrificing their free time, they will reach their aim so easily. For example, millionaires worked hard, and they are more able to be successful because they earned sweat to make money, and they have risen from the bottom to reach the top, by organizing their times and attempt to protect their wealth. They have been in trials and errors for years, but they learned how to stand and continue their journey without losing hope. Therefore, seeing results after tiredness will make them feel so proud, grateful and satisfied with what they have done and this make them recognize that the journey was enjoyable not tiring. Therefore, this will increase the probability of being successful.

In conclusion, I agree diligent is necessary because it brings success and improves self-characteristics. I recommend that people must work hard to be successful. The first thing they should do is to work in groups to make tasks more manageable, and everyone in the group will encourage each other to continue to work hard. The second thing is that people should stay motivated daily. For example, if they want to become a hardworking people, they have to practice on propelling themselves by doing positive self-talk, for instance, spend five minutes a day doing self-praise such as a brilliant job or you can do it, in this way people will stay motivated and keep working hard without complaining.

29 April 2020
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